2013 Cattleya Wines Chardonnay Pratt Vineyard Russian River Valley

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One of the best vineyard managers in Sonoma County and Pratt is a very small producetion only 4 barrels produced each vintage. More floral stone fruit and one clone one vineyards, this wine has a nice touch of vanilla spice to the stone fruit, the 2013 vintage is fantastic, lots of tannins and these wines will age very well, 15 months in barrel no fining, no filtration, harvest at night double sorted. Very particular on how the fruit is pressed, 3-4 tons per acre, very low yields, 110 gallons per ton most people are at 160+. light smoky character coming out as the wine opens. A very rich and creamy wine on the tongue with a solid core of tree fruit, a good hand of spice but everything in balance, good structure a long layered finish, even better on the second day. Finish 45+ Most Excellent
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