Chateau D'Yquem Valentines Sauternes tasting back to 1967 Wednesday February 14th and this weeks menu at the Wine Bar

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Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.

 - Andre Simon

And I am trying to have at least 8 different wines every night with my dinner at the Wine Bar!  We are open any night that we have an event on the calendar.  This week the Wine Bar is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  We have tastings every night but there are always a few tables open and we have the bar and lounge area available.  This weeks’ menu is at the end of this offering.

chateau Dyquem versus suduraut.jpg

Our Chateau D’Yquem tasting has become an annual event on Valentine’s Day and this year we are comparing this great Sauternes to the next best thing in Sauternes Chateau Suduiraut all the way back to the 1967 vintage including great vintages like; 1970, 1989, 1998, 2001, 2011 and more.  We have two 100 point wines in this group and the price of admission is less than the price of any single bottle of D’yquem on this offering and this includes a five course tasting menu!!

The wines of Sauternes and the neighboring district of Barsac were, up until recently, called the "dinosaurs of Bordeaux."  This reference to the majestical creatures that once roamed and ruled the earth is somehow appropriate.  These luscious, decadently rich sweet wines are the world's most exotic and at one time were the world's most expensive and most desired.  After the Second World War, staggering costs and slackening demand threatened the vignerons with extinction of the prized nectar.  Then in the 1980's the pendulum at last begun to swing the other way; and beginning with the great 1983 vintage (the best since 1976 and 1967), there was a renewed interest and demand for this great wine.  This has sparked an unfortunate increase in prices, -The Wine Spectator reported in the fall of 1990 that wine merchants and collectors were lining up to pay as much as $230 a bottle for the first release of the 1986 Château d'Yquem.  The auction market for these wines also began to heat up - older, prized vintages of Château d'Yquem began to double in price.  In 1989 at Christie's first West Coast auction, a rare 1811 Château d'Yquem (from the famed comet vintage) sold for an astronomical $18,000!!

The fame of Sauternes reaches back at least to the time when Thomas Jefferson visited the area in 1785 and ordered a few cases of Château d'Yquem - in Jefferson's day d'Yquem was also the region's non-pareil Château.  When the great wines of Bordeaux were classified seventy years later, d'Yquem was so highly regarded that it was accorded the unique status of Grand Premier Cru - a higher classification than the great Médoc clarets like Lafite and Latour etc.  It is a little known fact that the wine Jefferson ordered was quite dry; in fact the first sweet wine from this district was not made until the 1847 harvest at d'Yquem.  However, it did not take long for these wines to achieve fame, for in that era sweet wines (Champagne was a sweet beverage then) were very fashionable.  D'Yquem's first sweet wine vintage gained tremendous notoriety when the Grand Duke Constantine of Russia paid the then staggering price of 20,000 gold francs for four barrels; ever since it has been one of the most expensive wines of the world.

The process by which these great wines come about is fascinating and one of the examples of how nature can play topsy-turvy tricks and make decay a very beneficial rather than a harmful phenomenon.  In the fall, under certain conditions, (misty mornings and sunny afternoons) a mold forms on the skin of the exceedingly ripe grapes that are left on the vines.  The mold's technical term is botrytis cinerea; the vignerons refer to it as the "noble mold".  It often envelopes a grape and feeds on it by sending spike-like tentacles through the skin.  It rapidly shrivels the grapes and leaves their skins mere pulp.  The remaining juice is extremely sweet, concentrated, and packed with glycerine.  The particular conditions for serious onset of the "noble mold" occur only several times in a decade; and often the mold attacks unevenly, so the vines have to be picked over several times.  (Picking is done as many as thirteen times at d'Yquem!)  Sometimes growers lose patience and pick before the mold takes hold (for fear of a rain-out); the resulting wine is sweet, but it does not have that concentration that results from the shrinkage of the grapes from the mold.  The great difficulty and expense of producing these wines in tandem with a great lack of demand after the Second World War discouraged many proprietors; during the post war period, d'Yquem stood almost alone in maintaining the great standards of the past. Image result for Chateau Suduiraut

Chateau D'Yquem versus Chateau Suduiraut Tasting at WWWB
Wednesday, February 14th

1967 Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes

The 1967 vintage is legendary due to a magnificent Indian summer that year. The harvest was very late, towards the end of October, and yielded a concentrated vintage that nonetheless had great acidity due to the lateness. Ageing has allowed it to express the full complexity of the terroir. The colour is deep amber with ruddy shades. The wine is luminous with a youthful appearance. The powerful and delicate nose reveals a complex, well-integrated bouquet with aromas of candied fruit (orange), quince then notes of dried fruit and very fine rancio. The attack is delicate and velvety followed by a well-structured mouthfeel with fine acidity and minerality that is characteristic of the cru. Notes of light caramel, black tea, saffron and dried fruit mingle with notes of orange. It has great aromatic persistence that prolongs the pleasure. The finish is clean and fresh with a hint of bitterness that emphasises the full range of flavours of this wine that is at its peak.

1967 Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes

Price: $2300.00    Sale Price: $1900.00

(100 points) From one of the 20th century's celebrated vintages for Yquem, this bottle stands up to all the hype--unforgettable for its purity, elegance, harmony, its "total" everything. Powerful, yet it seems weightless on the palate, almost defying gravity as it tangos around with its vanilla, peach and apricot flavors. Seamless, nearly endless finish. Easy to understand its reputation as the greatest Yquem of the last 35 years. (PM) (5/1999) Wine Spectator
1970 Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes

(90 points) Somewhat less evolved than the 1971, and for me always a shade less interesting and complex, the 1970 Yquem is a large-scaled, rich, full-bodied, fairly alcoholic Yquem with significant flavor interest as well as crisp acidity. Unlike the 1971, which is close to peak maturity, this wine has a long way to go and is impressive, but not yet revealing all of its potential. Anticipated maturity: Now-2025. (RP) (1/1998) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

1986 Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes

(98 points) There is no other wine in the world like it, and there is no other luxury wine that can possibly justify its price as much as Yquem. The remarkable amount of painstaking labor necessary to produce the nectar known as Yquem is almost impossible to comprehend. This is a fascinating effort. With greater evidence of botrytis than the colossal 1983, but less power and alcohol, the 1986 Yquem tastes reminiscent of the 1975, only more precocious, as well as more concentrated. Several highly respected Bordeaux negociants who are Yquem enthusiasts claim the 1986 Yquem is the greatest wine produced at the property since the legendary 1937. Its enthralling bouquet of pineapples, sauteed hazelnuts, vanillin, and ripe apricots is breathtaking. Compellingly concentrated, the breadth as well as depth of flavor seemingly know no limits. This full-bodied, powerful, yet impeccably balanced Yquem should provide memorable drinking for 40-55 more years. Like the 1983, this is another winemaking tour de force. (RP) (1/1998) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

1989 Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes (375ml)

Price: $325.00    Your Price: $286.00          Quantity in Stock: 2

(97 points) The favorite sweet wine of millionaires, Chateau d'Yquem has, not unexpectedly, turned in a brilliant effort with their newly released 1989. It is a large-scaled, massively rich, unctuously-textured wine that should evolve effortlessly for a half century or more. It does not reveal the compelling finesse and complexity of the 1988 or 1986, but it is a far heavier, richer wine than either of those vintages. It is reminiscent of the 1976, with additional fat and glycerin. The wine is extremely alcoholic and rich, with a huge nose of smoky, honey-covered coconuts and overripe pineapples and apricots. As with most young vintages of Yquem, the wine's structure is barely noticeable. These wines are so highly extracted and rich yet approachable young, it is difficult to believe they will last for 50 or more years. The 1989 is the richest Yquem made in the eighties, and it has an edge in complexity over the powerhouse 1983. It remains to be seen whether this wine will develop the extraordinary aromatic complexity possessed by the promising 1988 and 1986 Yquems. Last tasted 11/97 Bordeaux Book, 3rd Edition Jan 1998

1998 Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes

Price: $90.00

(91 Points)  Lime and honey on the nose with a touch of grapefruit. Good balance and definition on the palate with notes of pineapple/marmalade and quince. Balanced with good levels of botrytis. A fine Sauternes though surpassed by other vintages. Tasted May 2000. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, April 2000

2001 Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes

Price: $925.00

(100 Points) There are 10,000 cases of this perfect sweet white Bordeaux. The 2001 Yquem reveals a hint of green in its light gold color. While somewhat reticent aromatically, with airing, it offers up honeyed tropical fruit, orange marmalade, pineapple, sweet creme brulee, and buttered nut-like scents. In the mouth, it is full-bodied with gorgeously refreshing acidity as well as massive concentration and unctuosity. Everything is uplifted and given laser-like focus by refreshing acidity. This large-scaled, youthful Yquem appears set to take its place among the most legendary vintages of the past, and will age effortlessly for 75+ years. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2100+. Wine Advocate # 158, Apr 2005

2005 Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes

Price: $116.00    Your Price: $102.08          Quantity in Stock: 4

2011 Chateau D'yquem Sauternes

Price: $450.00    Your Price: $396.00          Quantity in Stock: 19

(96 Points) Served from an ex-chateau bottle. Bottled in October 2013, the 2011 Chateau d’Yquem is reticent at first, a little stage fright perhaps. It soon recovers and offers gorgeous scents with fresh white peach, nectarine and fresh apricot that are beautifully defined, although there is a veneer of new oak that will need to be subsumed. The palate is well-balanced with superb structure. There is a light spiciness here with great symmetry, and although there is not the persistency of a top flight Yquem, it has a penetration that is compelling. Tasted March 2014. #213 Jun 2014 Reviewer: NEAL MARTIN

Jalapeño Sea Salt Popcorn
Foie Gras Sushi with grilled Pineapple and mango
Bacon wrapped prawns with voodoo coconut curry
Apricot jam glazed pork loin
Chocolate Creme Brulee

The fee for this tasting is $395 + tax, for reservations call 054-523-9463 or e-mail


Older vintages of D'Yquem and other Sauternes that are available:


1975 Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes

Price: $1200.00    Sale Price: $925.00         Quantity in Stock: 1

(99 Points) The 1975 may turn out to be the greatest of the modern-day Yquems. When fully mature in another 25-30 years, it may rival the extraordinary 1937 and 1921. This wine continues to evolve at a stubbornly slow pace. It is far more backward than recent vintages such as 1983 and 1986. Nevertheless, it is awesomely concentrated, has perfect balance, and displays the telltale Yquem aromas of vanillin oak, tropical fruit, pineapples, honeyed peaches, and grilled almonds. There is exceptionally crisp acidity that pulls all of the massive extract into precise focus. This is a wine of astonishing power and finesse, with a finish that must be tasted to be believed. It is a monumental effort that may well justify a perfect score in another decade. Anticipated maturity: 2005-2060. Last tasted, 1/91. Bordeaux Book, 3rd Edition # B1 Jan 1998

2005 Chateau D'Yquem Sauternes

Price: $900.00    Your Price: $792.00          Quantity in Stock: 1

(95-98 Points) Wine Advocate # 176, Apr 2008 Concentrated nose of apricot compote, dried fruit, and figs with vanilla and floral (jasmine and acacia blossom) aromas. The bouquet opens up after swirling in the glass to reveal entremely fresh citrus zest overtones that emphasize the wine's subtle refinement. Starts out deliciously suave and caressing on the palate, with perfect balance. The fresh acidity and elegance compliment the wine's restrained power, giving it incredible class. there are strong flavors of gingerbread, orange nonette cakes and liquorice followed by a gorgeous acid tang that underpins the wine's beautiful, long aftertaste on a par with the chateau's most illustrious vintages. The tremendously varied and complex flavor all seem to vibrate on the same wavelength, melting into a subltle whole. Once this is esprienced, there is an irresistible urge to plunge bak into this sensual, infinitly rich universe. Tasted by the winemaking team at Chateau D'yquem

2010 Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes (375ml)

Price: $72.00    Your Price: $63.36               Quantity in Stock: 3

(94-96 Points) The Chateau Suduiraut has a comparatively rich, botrytized bouquet with dried honey, pineapple and a touch of Seville orange marmalade, with exquisite definition and focus. The palate is well-balanced, with a viscous texture and a good level of botrytis, demonstrating fine minerality and tautness. Dried mango, quince and spice all interlace the focused finish, which is long in the mouth. Tasted against its peers, this has a higher level of intensity and focus. A superb follow-up to the sensational 2009.  The Wine Advocate

1989 Chateau Climens Sauternes

Price: $195.00    Your Price: $171.60          Quantity in Stock: 1

(93 Points) High-wired, super-focused, seductively creamy and beautifully balanced. The beam of lemon, honey, spice, pear and melon flavor shines through to a fresh, long finish. Tempting now. Best after 1997. –  Wine Spectator


1988 Chateau Climens Sauternes

Price: $210.00    Your Price: $184.80          Quantity in Stock: 2

(96 Points) The 1988 reveals layer upon layer of honeyed pineapple-and orange-scented and -flavored fruit, vibrant acidity, high levels of botrytis, and a fabulously long, yet well-focused finish. It is a great wine. Anticipated maturity: 1998-2015. Wine Advocate #98, Apr 1995

2013 La Fleur D'Or Sauternes 375ml

Price: $19.75    Your Price: $17.38

2013 La Fleur D'Or Sauternes

Price: $33.00    Your Price: $29.04               Quantity in Stock: 2

La Fleur d'Or Sauternes has an elegant yellow appearance with aromas of candied apricot, peach, mango along side toasty hints. The palate has a vivacious attack with a remarkable balance between freshness and botrytis.

2001 Lafaurie Peyraquey Sauternes

Price: $75.00    Your Price: $66.00               Quantity in Stock: 4

Exotic and ripe with loads of tropical fruit and sweet fruit. Full-bodied, spicy and very long. Sweet and loaded with botrytis. This is a young Sauternes built for aging. Best after 2010. 7,500 cases made. -JS (95 Points) Wine Spectator Issue: Sep 15, 2004

1988 Chateau Rabaud Promis Sauternes

Price: $75.00    Your Price: $66.00               Quantity in Stock: 2

1998 Chateau Roumieu Lacoste Sauternes

Price: $49.00    Sale Price: $37.00                Quantity in Stock: 2

1986 Chateau Rieussec Sauternes

Price: $95.00    Your Price: $83.60               Quantity in Stock: 1

(91 Points) The 1986 is a complex and elegant wine, with plenty of smoky almonds, peaches, and honeyed apricot fruit in the nose and flavors. In the mouth, the wine has a certain elegance, and perhaps not quite the punch one normally expects from Rieussec. Nevertheless, it is a compelling Sauternes that should age magnificently... The Wine Advocate


This Weeks Menu and By the Glass List at the Wine Bar



Truffle and Parmesan Dusted Shoestring Fries

Price $18

Shutty fries with Montreal steak seasoning and spicy mayo

Price $14

Wild Mushroom-Herbed Ricotta-Lemon Zest and mixed greens pizza

Price: $24

Salmon Carpaccio with Grapefruit Segments & Pink Peppercorn Aioli

Price: $ 20

Portobello Mushroom, Grilled Tomato, Burrata Short stack-sundried tomato-Basil Vinaigrette

Price $28

Duck Confit Lasagna with Wild Mushroom Demi

Price: $26

Seared Foie gras on Lavender-Vanilla Brioche French Toast with Honeydew Melon Salsa

Price: $ 32

Seared Duck Breast with Cherry Demi & Crème Fraiche Mashed Potatoes

Price $42

Braised Oxtail & Queso Blanco Stuffed Pablano-Avocado Crema-Red Pepper Puree

Price: $ 30

Dark Chocolate Bark

Price: $15


Thursday Night

Macadamia Nut Goat Cheese Salad over mixed Harpke Farms Micro Greens Granny Smith Apple Vinaigrette

Price $18

Mushroom and Polenta Napoleon with Cherry Pinot Noir Demi Glaze

Price $16

Duck and Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli with Sundried Currant browned butter and Beemster Gouda sprinkle

Price $24

Vietnamese Pork Belly Buns

Price: $24

Leek and Potato Soup

Price: $10

Beef Sliders with Maple Bacon Jam and Canadian Sharp Cheddar

Price: $24


Friday Night

Foie Gras Tourchon with lemon gelee and Brioche Toast

Price: $32

Pauchause of Riverfish

Price: $38

Saturday Night

We will have everything from the week we still have from the tastings this week on the menu Saturday night!


By the Glass list

Champagne Drappier Grand Sendree 2005

(7 Ounce)  Price: $45.00

Passopisciaro Passobianco 2015
(7 Ounce)  Price: $12.75

2014 Vine Cliff Los Carneros Chardonnay Napa
(7 Ounce)  Price: $15.00

2014 Three Sticks Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills The James
(7 Ounce)  Price: $16.50

2013 Antica Cabernet Sauvignon Napa
(7 Ounce)  Price: $16.50

2014 Kathryn Hall Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon Napa
(7 Ounce)  Price: $65.00

2003 Pelissero Barbaresco Tulin
(7 Ounce)  Price: $30.00

2013 Gramercy Cellars Lagniappe Syrah
(7 Ounce)  Price: $21.50

1900 Leacock Moscatel Madeira
(2 Ounce Pour)  Price: $96

1940 Barbeito Verdelho
(2 Ounce Pour)  Price: $59


1895 Araújo De Barros Verdelho Madeira
(2 Ounce Pour)  Price: $125

1886/87 Blandy Terrantez
(2 Ounce Pour)  Price: $150

1937 D’Olivera Sercial Madeira
(2 Ounce Pour)  Price: $65

1907 Blandy's Vintage Bual Madeira
(2 Ounce Pour)  Price: $87.50

2009 Domaine Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Clos St Urbain Selection De Grains Noble
(3 Ounce Pour) Price: $20.00


Meat Selections
$5/1 ounce Serving

Bresaola-Italian Dried Beef
Principe Truffle Salumi
Duck Prosciutto
Prosciutto di san Daniele
Iberico Chorizo
Coppa Spicy Molinari
Felino Italian Wine Salumi
Sopressa Veneta Italian Salumi
Principe Cacciatori Chubs Salumi
House Cured Mild Jalapeno-Venison Salami

Cheese Selections
$5/1 ounce Serving

Gruyere Grand Cru 6 month aged-Domestic
Imported Gorgonzola– Italy
St Angel Triple Cream -France
Extra Sharp Cheddar—Canada
Camembert le Pommier  - France
Turtle Creek Goat Cheese-Oregon
Tartufo Bianco Pecorino—Italy
Beemster Gouda aged 26 months– Holland
Barely Buzzed (Cocoa & Lavender Crusted)-Jersey
Beehive Smoked Cheddar-Jersey
Blue D’auvergene-France
Manchego Artisan Raw 12 Month-Spain
Groene Oorsprong Gouda-Holland

Reggiano Parmesan-Italy

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