Virtual Wine Tasting with La Scolca Gavi dei Gavi celebrating 100 years of this Iconic Italian Wine with Special Guest Chiara Soldati

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 02:00 PM

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We are hosting virtual tastings every Wednesday on Zoom and Instagram live which will be posted to Instagram TV.  So, if you can’t make it at 2pm to chat with Chiara Soldati you can tune in anytime after that by checking out the video posted to Wine Watch’s Instagram page.  The virtual tasting packs are up on our web page under the gift box selections and you can purchase them before the event and taste along with us or purchase them anytime after the event until the wines are no longer available and taste the wines and watch the interview at your leisure. 

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Next week our special guest will be joining us from the heart of the Gavi region, in the rolling hills outside the town of Gavi, lies the estate of La Scolca. Chiara Soldati is the fifth generation to manage the family-owned firm, founded in 1919, with her father, Giorgio and she will be live with us Wednesday, June 17th at 2pm EST.  Join us as we congratulate her on 100 years of winemaking for this iconic estate and as we taste through the new releases of Gavi from the outstanding 2019 vintage.


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Virtual Wine Tasting with La Scolca Gavi dei Gavi celebrating 100 years of this Iconic Italian Wine

with Special Guest Chiara Soldati

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

2:00 PM


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2019 La Scolca Gavi White Label

List Price: $18.00               Your Price: $15.84            Caser $183.60    


Light straw. Typical of Gavi, fine and pleasantly fresh. Delicate, very dry, characterized by a fairly marked acidulous notes.

Our most traditional Gavi is vinified from grapes of exuberant young vineyards located in the heart of Rovereto of Gavi, place worldwide known as the “Gran Crù of Gavi”; their perfectly balanced aging lends the wine its typical fresh, dry taste. This “Great White,” which has become a Classic on the Italian wine scene, produced in a complete accord which is now a century-old tradition, represent the true essence of Gavi wine.


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2019 La Scolca Gavi Dei Gavi Bianco Seco Black Label

List Price: $45.00               Your Price: $39.60


Pale straw in color with delicate greenish highlights. Intense lemon citrus fruit with floral and flinty notes on the nose, comparable to the best wines from Chablis. Medium bodied, with apple and more citrus fruit on the palate as well as notes of almonds and hazelnuts. The finish is crisp, refreshing and long.

This prestigious “Gavi dei Gavi® – La Scolca” is obtained with the utmost respect for nature, from pruning to harvesting. With a strict and rigorous selection conducted with the utmost care, cluster by cluster, in vineyards over sixty years of age, we get “unique” grapes.

Then in the winery, under watchful guidance of a master expert, applying the ancient rules of vinification, refined over eighty years of family tradition, an unsurpassed style of Gavi is born, a paragon of reference.

The maximum procurable in quality as manifested by fragrance and flavour of live, intense character, harmonious and balanced, offers a surprising freshness and integrity, Notes of flint, almond and hazelnut will develop in the course of time, which does wonders.


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2019 La Scolca Gavi Dei Gavi Bianco Seco 100 year Anniversary Gold Bottle

List Price: $52.50               Your Price: $46.20


*You can purchase the tasting kit with all three bottles of La Scolca Gavi for $101.65, below is the link to the tasting kit along with the Zoom meeting info for the event:


Topic: La Scolca Gavi Virtual Tasting

Time: Jun 17, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)​

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Meeting ID: 990 3326 4884​

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La Scolca's Gavi dei Gavi Black Label is synonymous with the appellation. The estate is the oldest in the region and the first to export its Gavi as a dry white wine. Indeed, most Americans, when they think of Gavi, think of La Scolca's Black Label, a reputation earned through the estate's success in Italy. "Much of our success abroad is because people know about our wine from here, in Italy," says Giorgio Soldati.


Gavi is made entirely from Cortese, a white grape variety grown in the region since at least the mid-1700s, according to the local consorzio. But until the 1970s, most of the region's harvest was used in sparkling wine production.


La Scolca began making the variety into a still white wine in the late 1950s and trademarked its Gavi dei Gavi Black Label in 1969. The wine was so successful it inspired others to take Cortese and the Gavi region seriously as a source of quality white wine. In 1974, the region was awarded Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) status; in 1998 it was elevated to Denominazione di Origine Controllata Garantita (DOCG), Italy's highest quality designation.


The Gavi region lies in the southeastern corner of Piedmont, about two hours' drive from the heartland of Barolo. Although the Ligurian Sea is only about 30 miles to the south, its moist breezes are mostly blocked by the Apennine range. Thus, the region is fairly dry, and the clay soils created by marine deposits benefit from winter snows for moisture. The landscape is more gentle here than in Barolo, with lower hills whose best exposures are planted to Cortese. There are 2,700 acres delimited by the Gavi consorzio.

The vineyards extend through 11 towns, including Gavi, which lies at the region's center and produces the richest, ripest Cortese grapes. Producers within the commune of Gavi are allowed to put "Gavi DOCG del commune di Gavi" or simply "Gavi di Gavi" on the label. Wines made from grapes grown in the other towns are labeled simply Gavi or Cortese di Gavi DOCG.

La Scolca manages an area of about 50 hectares of vineyards, consisting of about 200 km. of rows of vines. During a single crop season, these rows are visited from eight to ten times, on foot or by tractor. The distance from plant to plant ranges from 90 cm to 2.4 metres. The density is about 4500 vines per hectare. All the vineyards are in the best sites of Rovereto di Gavi. Sea air, full sunlight exposure from sunrise to sunset, coolness and minimal dews. All of these elements create the proper alternating conditions that are ideal for a complete and correct ripening of the grapes, a prerequisite for a good wine.

Each parcel is tracked in the vineyard and measured for ripeness at harvest before being designated for La Scolca's various cuvées. Temperature control keeps the fruit cool and pressurized tanks prevent oxidation of the grapes while protecting the primary aromas and flavors. The grapes are pressed carefully and clarification occurs naturally over time, without fining or filtration.




The La Scolca Black Label is sourced from the estate’s 60 year-old vines (average) with yields ranging from 70 quintals per hectare to 50 quintals per hectare for the oldest vines. Some vines, yield only 3-4 clusters per vine, encouraging concentration, depth and complexity. Vines are located on the hills surrounding the Villa La Scolca. Soils are of volcanic origin, composed of calcareous-clay with veins of chalky limestone similar to that found in Champagne and Chablis, giving a characteristic flinty character.


Hand-harvested fruit is brought to the winery after 5-10 minutes, where it is sprayed with dry-ice. Cryo-maceration, cold fermentation (13-14⁰C) in stainless steel tanks and the use of natural yeasts preserves the Cortese’s subtle fruit, flinty acidity and structure. The young wine remains in tank on its lees for nine months before natural decanting and bottling. This wine will only improve with bottle age, evolving beautifully for 10 years and more.


First released in 1966, this is the original or benchmark Gavi, which brought fame to the then small wine producing region and showed the world the potential in quality of white wines from Italy. Sourced from the estate’s oldest Cortese vines, averaging over 60 years of age, these are also among the oldest in the appellation.


The La Scolca estate was purchased between 1917 and 1919 by the great-grandfather of Giorgio Soldati who, today, leads the company with his daughter Chiara.

The past and the future live together at La Scolca: the naturalness of those who have always been is combined with the vim and vigor of forward-looking leaders.

The surname Soldati “soldiers” is particularly symbolic of the approach taken by the company’s owners. The name of the property, as well, is symbolic. La Scolca comes from “Sfurca” or “Look off into the distance” and the farmhouse that stood there was exactly that – a lookout post.

These names reflect the proud and tenacious character of the owners and their wines

In 1919, at the time of purchase, the land was used, in part, to produce grain and the rest was covered by forest. The Soldati family had a well-studied plan: to plant Cortese vineyards in an area traditionally used to cultivate only red grapes. The production soon became a major technical enterprise. La Scolca is the oldest company in the area for continuity of management by the same family. It is also the most modern.

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