Michael Trujillo Winemaker from Napa will be here to showcase his new line of wines

Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 02:03 PM

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What is better than to sit at the end of a day and drink wine with friends, or substitute for friends. -James Joyce


We have been touting the Cabernet Sauvignon from Sequoia Grove for the last few years. Ever since Michael Trujillo took complete control of the winemaking in 2001, which is the year that Kobrand bought the winery and the quality here has gone up substantially ever since.  I can think of few wines that compare to Sequoia Grove at the $35 price point and we are honored to have Michael here to break bread with us at the Wine Watch Wine Bar to showcase the next chapter in his career and to introduce the new wines with his namesake. 

Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon is Michael's latest endeavor and a personal labor of love. Inspiration for this wine traces back to 1982, when he first arrived in Napa Valley from his family’s farm in Colorado. Michael grew up helping my father year-round in the fields, and learned early on about how soil, climate, pests and critters affect living, growing plants.

After three decades of winemaking experience in all aspects of the business—from vineyard cultivation and irrigation digging, to cooperage selection and blending—Michael is now proud to offer his own namesake Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is a realization of Michael's lifelong passion for crafting red wine, an expression of all that he has learned and deeply value about winemaking in the Napa Valley.

Join us as we are among the first in South Florida to welcome Michael to introduce his new wines to our "Wine Drinking People".  The fee for this event which includes dinner is $125 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com.

Trujillo Wine Tasting with Special Guest Michael Trujillo
Thursday, January 16th

Trujillo Madelyn Rose Napa 2019
Price: $26.25       Sale $23.10

The grapes that go into the making of this delicious Rose wine come from the cooler wine regions of Sonoma and Mendocino. Crafted mainly from the Syrah grape varietal there are hints of a Muscat varietal and Sauvignon Blanc blended into the Syrah base wine to elevate the aromas and compliment the flavors. The aromas come forth generously of red raspberry, strawberry and hints of pomegranate. A delicate, almost creamy aroma gives a wonderful depth and broadness to the nose. A luscious mix of red fruits in the aromas that completely lead your senses and taste buds to those same red fruit flavors. Crisp and bright with delicate raspberry and strawberry flavors carry the wine seamlessly throughout. Refreshing with a lingering silky finish. 

A beautifully colored, refreshing Rosé wine, meant to be enjoyed in all casual settings. This is hands down a great summer wine for your picnics, BBQ’s or just entertaining and relaxing by your pool with friends and family. In addition, this wine carries itself well when paired with foods that have a mild spicy glow to them.  If you like Rosé, then you’ll love our Madelyn Rosé. — Michael Trujillo, Winemaker

Trujillo Madelyn White Cuvee 2018
Price: $26.25       Sale $23.10

In life, as in winemaking, a blend of great things often results in something fun and unique. Daily experiences, great and small, become even more remarkable when shared with those we love. I personally feel blessed to share each day with my beautiful daughter, Sophia. In her tribute, I am proud to make Madelyn Cabernet, a wine that expresses the joy I experience with in her in my life. The wine’s name MADELYN derives from her middle name: Sophia Madelyn Trujillo.

The grapes that go into the making this delicious white wine blend are grown in the cooler regions of Napa Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino. A unique and rousing blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer, both fermented to dryness, that comes together wonderfully. The blending of these two particular white varietals brings forth exhilarating aroma combinations of citrus and tropical fruits, along with hints of orange blossom, honey, and a tiny hint of sweet pecan brittle. The flavors are as expressive of the aromas: crisp, sweet pink grapefruit, star fruit and a touch of lemon grass. Nice, firm, well integrated acidity holds this wine together perfectly as it rolls out to a lingering, delightful and satisfying finish.

This 2018 Madelyn White Wine Cuvée is a fun and refreshing white wine, meant to be enjoyed in all casual settings. Defiantly a great summer wine! Believe us, you will not be able to drink just one glass!  — Michael Trujillo, Winemaker

Trujillo Madelyn Red Cuvee Napa 2017
Price: $48.75       Sale $42.90

The grapes that go into the creation of this delicious red wine blend are of the same pedigree vineyards that make the Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon. Madelyn Red Wine Cuvée conveys an enticing elegant style. Its provoking aromatics and flavors are nicely woven together to show off its exotic aromas of spicy black fruits, cedar, spice and a hint of cola. Generous flavors of dark coco, black raspberry and licorice roll on-and-on to a silky, smooth, gorgeous finish.  The blending of rich Cabernet Sauvignon as the foundation, complemented with a liberal amount of Merlot to thread in the gentle, silky finesse plus Cab Franc to bring forth beautiful aromatics, Malbec to bring in the spicy exotic flavors, and a hint of petit Verdot to tie it all in.

This inviting red wine blend, meant to be enjoyed in casual settings with your friends, family and favorite comfort foods. Delicious and pleasing anytime, think of Madelyn Red Wine Cuvée like a favorite pair of blue jeans, the perfect fit for everyday occasions!  — Michael Trujillo, Winemaker

Trujillo Madelyn Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2016
Price: $52.50       Sale $46.20

The wines that go into the crafting this delicious Cabernet blend are of the same base wines that make the Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon accompanied with finished wines Michael has his hand in the making for outside custom wine projects. Madelyn Cabernet has a rich, elegant style that expresses an enticing spiciness with a bit more polish to its silky texture, balance and finish. Blending rich, Cabernet Sauvignon as its foundation, then enhancing and spicing things up with a small add of Petite Sirah. Complementing amounts of Merlot to thread in the gentle, silky finesse, plus a small amount of Malbec to bring in the spicy exotic flavors, finished with a touch of Petite Verdot to tie it all in. A very approachable Cabernet with plenty of yumminess too.

This inviting Napa Valley Cabernet is rich well, rounded wine to be enjoyed in casual settings with your friends, family and favorite comfort foods. Delicious and pleasing anytime, think of Madelyn Cabernet like a favorite pair of blue jeans, the perfect fit for everyday occasions!  — Michael Trujillo, Winemaker

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Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2015
Price: $84.00       Sale $73.92

Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum 2015
Price: $172.25    Sale $151.58

his vintage will be remembered as one of the earliest completions of harvest on record. It will also be remembered as one of the lightest, due to the unseasonably warm temperatures in late winter that set the vineyards to an early budbreak.  Cool temperatures in May, during the peak of bloom, caused an uneven fruitset and ultimately resulted in a smaller crop. Although the yields were low, the quality of the wines are fantastic.

My 2015 Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon focuses on a balance and finesse that takes advantage of all five Bordeaux grape varietals. Elegant and approachable, the aromas are abundantly layered with black cherry, coco dust, plum and a slight hint of cola. In this vintage, 85% Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with Cabernet Franc and Merlot, bringing a velvety structure and supple depth, with a lengthy finish. The small addition of Malbec and Petit Verdot deepens its complexity with a rich, silky balance. While enjoyable now, this Cabernet will gracefully age for many years to come.  —Michael Trujillo

Selection of Cheese and Charcuterie
Burrata and Beefsteak Tomato Salad with Sundried Tomato, Mint, Balsamic and extra virgin Olive Oil
Seared Venison Loin with Parmesan Crème, Cabernet natural Sauce and Root Vegetable ratatouille
Chocolate Souffle with blackberry Coulis

The fee for this tasting which includes dinner is $125 + tax for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com.


A bit about our Winemaker host:

Growing up on a ranch, Michael Trujillo worked acres of hay, barley and vegetables along with sheep and cattle on land tethered to his family for generations. His grandparents were early century homesteaders of Spanish descent who settled in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, where they raised their children in a rich, agricultural life. From a young age, Michael learned the value and reward of work- ing the land: “I feel like I’ve always been in motion, branding cows and driving hay trucks since the age of four. Ranch work taught me old-time craft skills, the love of tinkering with farm equipment and how to grow crops in uncertain weather, all of which prepared me for cultivating grapes and the process of winemaking.”

Michael discovered his passion for winemaking in the early 1980s during a spring break from his college studies as an engineer. On a road trip to California, he stayed with a family friend who had a small winery in Napa Valley. It was a life- changing visit, as Michael began to work alongside Jim Allen and his brother Steve in the planting of Sequoia Grove’s vineyard on the Rutherford Bench. For his namesake wine, Michael blends grapes from several of the finest vineyards in Napa Valley and works closely with the growers in developing cultivation practices that yield notable fruit year after year. Trujillo Cabernet Sauvignon is the realization of Michael’s history, knowledge and experience, bringing his keen love of the vineyard together with more than 34 years of winemaking proficiency.

When Michael launched Trujillo Wines, the inaugural 2011 vintage sold out quickly, inspiring him to create a second label showcasing varietal blends. Named in honor of his daughter, Sophia Madelyn, these wines are approachable upon release. Trujillo’s quaint, award-winning (and dog-friendly!) tasting room is located in the heart of St. Helena. Visitors have the chance to taste a range of exclusive wines from a white wine blend to limited production vineyard designate wines and reserve Cabernets. Michael recently resigned as the Director of Winemaking and President of Sequoia Grove Winery to put all his focus to Trujillo Wines and family. His wines consistently earn praise and winemaking medals, and have developed an enthusiastic following.