Washington State Walk Around Wine Tasting in the Wine Cave

Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 07:30 PM

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Bring water, bring wine, boy! Bring flowering garlands to me! Yes, bring them, so that I may try a bout with love. ~Anacreon

No one can question our love for Washington state wines, we have an incredible collection here in the store and we have over 40 wines to taste on Thursday, August 22nd at our annual Washington state wine tasting.

The first people who planted grapes in Washington were the German and Italian immigrants and that was around 1825.

Chateau Ste. Michelle is Washington state’s Founding Winery, with some of the oldest and most acclaimed vineyards in the Columbia Valley.

Built on the 1912 estate owned by Seattle lumber baron Frederick Stimson, the winery’s roots date back to the Repeal of Prohibition, when the Pommerelle Wine Company and the National Wine Company were formed.  They merged in 1954 to form American Wine Growers. In 1967, American Wine Growers began a new line of premium vinifera wines called “Ste. Michelle Vintners” under the direction of legendary California winemaker Andre Tchelistcheff.

Ste. Michelle Vintners planted its first vines at Cold Creek Vineyard in Eastern Washington in 1972. Cold Creek remains one of the oldest and most renowned vineyards in the state. Ste. Michelle Vintners now own more than 3,500 prime vineyard acres in the Columbia Valley.

Some of the other founding fathers of the Washington state wine industry are- Leonetti Cellars, Woodward Canyon and Quilceda Creek.  These three producers are the first “cult wines” from Washington state and basically the second round of producers to move in.

Leonetti Cellar, which was bonded in 1977 by Founders Gary and Nancy Figgins, started as Gary’s vision to make world-class wines in Walla Walla has turned out to be a true American success story. Today, Leonetti Cellar produces some of the most sought-after wines not only from Washington state but in the world.

Woodward Canyon Winery was one of the first two wineries to help put the Walla Walla Valley on Washington State's wine map.  From its first powerful 1981 cabernet sauvignon to the new releases today they have been among this state's top producers and unfotunately we have none of these wines in our tasting tonight.

Founded in 1979, Quilceda Creek has had an unbroken string of highly-rated vintages that has led Robert Parker Jr. to name it Washington State’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon producer with five vintages receiving (100 points) from Robert Parker Jr.'s The Wine Advocate, this is the mosxt sought after collectible.  We are showing Quilceda Creek this evening and we have several vintages available for sale after the notice of this tasting we have a list of all the Washington state wines in the store.

The industry and been expanding rapidly, Washington is the second largest wine producing state with just over 900 wineries in 2017.  The proliferation of small producers is incredible and we found a few new ones this evening with over 40 wines on the table this is a crash course in Washington State wine!

Join us as we taste through over 40+ wines from Washington State along with some tasty treats prepared by chef Toni Lampasone.  The fee for this tasting is $55 per person call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com to make reservations.


Washington State Wine Tasting at Wine Watch
Thursday, August 22nd
Southern Glaziers
Col Solare Red Wine Bottle
Col Solare Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain 2016       
Price: $75.00   Sale $49.00    
This 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon offers aromas of black cherry, currants, cinnamon and rose petals with subtle notes of vanilla and milk chocolate. Tannins are rich and refined on the finish, a characteristic of Red Mountain fruit, with flavors of berries, dried fruit and cocoa that lingers forever.  Blend: 94% Cabernet Sauvignon and 6% Cabernet Franc
Canvasback Cabernet Sauvignon Red Mountain 2014
Price: $45.00    Your Price: $39.60     Quantity in Stock: 5
Borne Of Fire Cabernet Sauvignon 2017  
Price: $21.75   Sale $19.14
Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling Eroica 2017           
Price: $23.50   Sale $20.68
Northstar Merlot Columbia Valley 2013   
Price: $25.50   Sale $22.44
Spring Valley Cab Franc Katherine Columbia Valley 2013        
Price: $56.25   Sale $49.50
Spring Valley Frederick Red Blend Columbia Valley 2015
Price: $45.00   Sale $39.60
Spring Valley Syrah Nina Lee Walla Walla 2013
Price: $45.00   Sale $39.60
Spring Valley Uriah (Red) Walla Walla 2014       
Price: $45.00   Sale $39.60
Twenty One Wines
Image result for Bookwalter Readers Chardonnay 2018
Bookwalter Readers Chardonnay 2018
Price: $19.50    Sale $17.16
Bookwalter Notebook 12 NV
Price: $17.00    Sale $14.96
Bookwalter Subplot # 35 2016    
Price: $19.50    Sale $17.16
Bookwalter Readers Cabernet Sauvignon 2016    
Price: $27.50    Sale $24.20
Bookwalter Readers Merlot 2015
Price: $27.50    Sale $24.20
Bookwalter Protagonist 2016    
Price: $57.00    Sale $50.16
Bookwalter Conflict 2016    
Price: $57.00    Sale $50.16
Image result for L Ecole No 41 Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley 2018
L Ecole No 41 Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley 2018        
Price: $19.75   Sale $17.38    
L Ecole No 41 Merlot Columbia Valley 2015        
Price: $22.75   Sale 20.02
Januik Merlot Columbia Valley 2015        
Price: $27.00   Sale $23.76    
Januik Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2015            
Price: $35.00   Sale $30.80    
Milbrandt Cabernet Sauvignon Estates Columbia Valley 2016    
Price: $22.50   Sale $  19.80
Betz Family Cabernet Pere De Famille Columbia Valley 2014                  
Price: $90.00   Sale $79.20    
K Vintners by Charles Smith
Image result for K Vintners Viognier 2017
K Vintners Viognier Yakima 2017
Price: $28.50   Sale $25.08
Substance Sunset Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Price: $25.50   Sale $22.44
ViNO Rose 2018
Price: $14.75   Sale $12.98
SIXTO Roza Hills Chard 2015
Price: $45.00   Sale $39.60
B. Leighton Gratitude 2016
Price: $46.50   Sale $40.92
CasaSmith Primitivo
Price: $21.50   Sale $18.92
K Vintners Broncho Malbec 2016
Price: $67.50   Sale $59.40
K Vintners The Boy Grenache 2016
Price: $48.00   Sale $42.24
Substance Klein BX Blend 2015
Price: $73.25   Sale $64.46
K Vintners River Rock SY 2016
Price: $48.00   Sale $42.24

Image result for Poets Leap Riesling
Poets Leap Riesling Columbia Valley
Price: $21.50   Sale $18.92
No girls Cayuse Syrah Walla Walla
Price: $130.50 Sale $114.84
Owen Roe Cabernet Franc Mystica Columbia Valley
Price: $33.75   Sale $29.70
Pepperbridge Merlot Columbia Valley
Price: $63.75   Sale $56.10
Sparkman Cabernet Sauvignon Holler Columbia Valley
Price: $34.50   Sale $30.36
Quilceda Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2015
Price: $180.00 Sale $158.40
Saggi Red Blend Columbia Valley
Price: $63.75   Sale $56.10
Pirouette Red Blend Columbia Valley
Price: $67.50   Sale $59.40
Feather Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley
Price: $69.00   Sale $60.72
Pedestal Merlot Columbia Valley
Price: $70.50   Sale $62.04
Wild Mushroom Mascarpone Flat Bread image

Wild Mushroom, Mascarpone & Lemon Zest Flat Bread
Hoisin Spiced Chicken Lettuce cups
Crispy Pork Belly Bites Drizzled with Truffled Honey
Salmon & Tuna Sushi Rolls wrapped in Knori with Avocado, Scallion & Daikon.

The fee for this tasting is $55 per person call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com to make reservations.