Colgin Versus Schrader - A battle of the California Cult Cabernets

Saturday, August 22, 2020 - 07:30 PM

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Only by wine one's heart is lit,
only a poem calms a soul that's torn.
You'd understand me, Tao Qian.
I wish a little sooner I was born!

Tao Yuan-ming

This is one of those tastings that we put on the calendar just because we have the wines and that is reason enough for a wine like Schrader and Colgin!  We can either sell them or host a tasting and enjoy them with a few of our “Wine Drinking People”- you know which one I would rather do!!   I have included everything we have in stock from these two elite wine producers from Napa Valley.

We have followed Fred Schrader and Ann Colgin’s journey in the wine industry from day one and knew Fred and Ann when they were living in South Florida and frequented Café Maxx with Jimmy Manchbach who worked for Southern Wine and Spirits at that time.  They were in the Collectible Fine Art business and were fans of the former owner of Wine Watch the late great Jim Turner.  Wine Watch sold the first release of Colgin, the 1992 Herb Lamb which had Fred’s name on the back label until the 1994 vintage when he and Ann parted ways.

It took Fred Schrader a few years to come out with the first vintage of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon with his name on the bottle and we were excited to see the Gaudemus Vineyard Napa Cabernet Sauvignon made by John Kongsgaard but unfortunately the wine was not very good.  The Wine Spectator rated it (91 Points) but it had to be release alongside the 1999 vintage in 6 packs with 3 bottles of each to sell through.  My good friend Jimmy assured me that Fred would make good and he did- in a big way. 

The thing that changed for Fred in 1999 was he started buying Beckstoffer To Kalon fruit from Andy Beckstoffer and he hired Thomas Brown as his new Winemaker.  The rest is detailed in the story which follows the list of wines for the event and if you have not experienced these wines we recommend making a reservation for the tasting on Saturday August 22nd and you can see if his wines stand up to the wines of his ex….Ann’s wines are pretty damn good too.  This is a battle of the XXX’s that will feature some great wines and some great memories.  I don’t want to make this personal, but it is.  We are doing scientific research here at Wine Watch and yes- It is Personal…

There are only 10 spaces available for this tasting which includes dinner and the fee for this event is $395 + tax for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail

See the source image2005 Colgin 'Cariad' Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend - SKU
Schrader VS Colgin Napa Valley Cult Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting
Saturday, August 22nd
7:30 PM
2005 Colgin Cariad Napa
2005 Schrader T6 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa
2007 Colgin IX Prprietary Red Napa
2009 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Tokalon
2013 Colgin Cariad Napa
2013 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon LPV
2014 Colgin Cabernet Sauvignon Tychon Hill Vineyard Napa
2014 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Napa

Selection of cheese:  Beemster Gouda, Parmesan Reggiano
Grilled Portobello Mushroom, eggplant, Harpke Farms Heirloom Tomato and fried Mozzarella short stack with Cola Sundried Tomato aged Balsamic vinaigrette
espresso and Sambuca glazed Ribeye with cheddar cheese grits and Yellow beet mash with cabernet gravy

 There are only 12 spaces available for this tasting and the fee for this event is $395 + tax for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail


A bit about Schrader:

Image result for fred Schrader

Fred Schrader is one of the “bad boys” of the Napa Valley.  Fred was not born into the wine business, nor was he born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  Schrader first made his mark first in the world of art collectibles, from books to paintings everything in between.  It seemed like everything that Fred touched turned to money.  As he and his ex-wife, Ann Colgin, began to hang around with the elite events of Napa Valley they befriended some of the locals and became intrigued by the idea of becoming vintners themselves.  Their first vintage was to be 1992 and the wine would be named Colgin-Schrader, but one day Fred woke up and decided that he did not like the idea of marriage and abandoned Ann to once again pursue his wild oats.

Fred left Ann everything when it came to their joint winemaking venture and the 1992 vintage of their wine would be released minus the Schrader, and Colgin has become one of the most sought after Cabernet Sauvignon labels coming from California in the 21st century.  Fred would have to wait five years to establish his own label and in 1998 he released his first wine made by the venerable John Kongsgaard.  Although we feel this wine was a complete flop (the Wine Spectator rated it 91 points).  Schrader Cellars rebounded in 1999 with a new young talent as the winemaker, Thomas Brown.  

The most promising wine that Schrader Cellars is producing began with controversy; if you know Fred you should not be surprised.  One of his fruit sources, the Tokalon Vineyard, is well known as being one of Robert Mondavi’s.  But recently, wines made from grapes from vines belonging to Mr. Andy Beckstoffer, also an owner of the vineyard, have appeared with the Tokalon vineyard designation on the label. One is Paul Hobbs. The other is Schrader.

The brouhaha began on November 5, when Mondavi’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Fred Schrader for mislabeling, as Mondavi sees it, a wine made from grapes that Schrader bought from Beckstoffer.  Those grapes were from 89 acres that Beckstoffer owns within the 659-acre Tokalon Vineyard, one of Napa’s oldest and most historic vineyards.  The Mondavi complaint is that Schrader, at Beckstoffer’s urging, labeled his 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon “Beckstoffer Original To Kalon Vineyard.” About 300 cases of the $75 wine were released in October.  Mondavi owns 550 acres of the vineyard and has several copyrights on the word “Tokalon” (which Mondavi spells as two words, “To Kalon”). The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court of Northern California, charges Schrader with trademark infringement, and demands that Schrader stop using “To Kalon” and “surrender immediately for destruction” all products, labels and other materials bearing the To Kalon name.

“Our attorneys say [Schrader] can’t use ‘To Kalon’ on his front label because it’s trademarked,” explains Mondavi spokesperson Sandra Timpson.  Schrader says he had no idea the Mondavis would object to his label.  Beckstoffer, whom Mondavi is not suing (“We can’t sue Andy because Andy doesn’t have a wine,” Timpson says), was shocked to learn of Mondavi’s action.  He has agreed to help Schrader pay his legal bills.  Beckstoffer says his part-ownership of Tokalon gives him the “right to the fair use” of the name. The original Tokalon, planted in 1868, consisted, according to records, of 359 acres.  Part of Beckstoffer’s rebuttal is that the Mondavis, in a “misrepresentation,” have planted or incorporate at least 190 new acres into the historic old Tokalon, and that Beckstoffer’s 89 acres are contained in the original part.

The spat took a new twist on Dec. 16, when Beckstoffer and Schrader jointly filed a counter-suit against Robert Mondavi Winery.  The duo charge Mondavi with “fraudulently” using the term “To-Kalon” because “Mondavi...has acquired approximately 300 acres of additional land...that was never part of the historic To-Kalon Vineyard.” Their lawsuit seeks cancellation of Mondavi’s trademark.  Can you see a settlement in the near future?

Fred’s ace in the hole is his young and talented winemaker, Thomas Brown.  Thomas Brown is one of the hot young talents in Napa Valley.  He made the transition in careers from wine enthusiast to wine maker in the course of three short years.  Thomas Brown didn't inherit a winery, and he never went to school to study viticulture or enology. Born in Sumter, S.C., Brown went to the University of Virginia, where he majored in English and economics, thinking he might end up on Wall Street. Then he discovered wine. In an article in the Wine Spectator he revealed what makes wine so intriguing to him.  "You can never know everything about wine. I think that's what intrigued me," says Brown, 31. "And it was so completely outside my experience growing up. That fact fit my personality pretty well. I was always a bit subversive or counter to the established order around me."

In 1996, Brown moved to Napa where he went to work for All Seasons Wine Shop in Calistoga.  This is where he met Ehren Jordan, winemaker for Turley Wine Cellars. Jordan mentioned that he needed some help in the cellar, and Brown was the first to apply for the job.  He started in 1997.  "My learning curve was steep, but I was always a great student."  All Season’s Café is also where another famous wine personality made a similar transition in occupations, John Wetlaufer, co-owner of the cult Marcassin winery also worked here before he started his winery with his wife Helen Turley. 

Thomas started his journey in the wine production side of the industry working for one of the best minds in the wine business Ehren Jordan. Although Brown has no formal training in winemaking he says that he learned 95% of what he knows today while he was the assistant winemaker at Turley Wine Cellars from 1997 until February of 2001.  He is currently the consulting winemaker for several projects in the Napa Valley including Chiarello Family Vineyards, Schrader Cellars, Outpost and Nicholson Ranch. Since his graduation from the University of Virginia in 1994, Thomas' clients also include Tor and Tamber Bey Winery. In addition, he is part owner and managing partner for Ridgetop Partners, a new Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir project.


All the Schrader and Colgin we have in the store:

Image result for 2005 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon CCS Napa


2017 Schrader Old Sparky Magnum
Price: $1500.00  Sale Price: $1150.00         Quantity in Stock: 2

(100 Points) The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Old Sparky is very deep purple-black in color with a wonderfully pure nose of blackcurrant cordial, blackberry preserves and black cherry pie with nuances of dried bay leaves, dusty soil, garrigue and new leather plus touches of unsmoked cigars and pencil shavings. Full-bodied, concentrated and jam-packed with flavors, the palate is pure hedonism with a solid line of ripe tannins and great freshness, finishing very long.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2016 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon T6 Napa
Price: $450.00    Your Price: $396.00

With a heady, complex, and compellingly layered mix of ultra-ripe red and black fruit aromas and flavors, the 2016 Schrader T6 is a stunner. This vintage has an elegant mouthfeel that brings with it flavors of black fruits, licorice, and exotic spices and herbs that crescendo into a long and savory finish. In the words of winemaker Thomas Brown, “The Schrader T6 is all about everything in abundance and everything in perfect balance.”

The 2016 vintage was marked early in the growing season by rains that helped to recharge the suffering aquifers with much needed rain that helped to alleviate the drought. As the growing season began flowering presented itself with a small crop that was helped through the season by near perfect summer weather. These ideal conditions continued through harvest where we were able to pick at optimal concentration. The resulting wines from this vintage have intense concentration with a great natural balance that likens itself to the consistent growing season.

The Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard in Oakville, first planted in 1868 by viticultural and winemaking icon Hamilton Crabb, has long been regarded as the source of Napa Valley’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Within the vineyard, an alluvial fan provides excellent mineral deposits, and the rich soils are filled with marine sediment. The vines receive full sun and optimal heat during the day and are cooled by marine fog at night. These conditions allow each of the three clones planted in this vineyard (4, 6, and 337), to display its own unique character, and this celebration of individuality is the essence of Schrader.

2016 Schrader Cellars LPV Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 1

(100 Points) The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard Lpv is very deep purple-black in color with an incredibly perfumed nose of potpourri, lavender and red roses with hints of oolong tea, cigar boxes and fragrant earth over a black cherry, blackberry and warm plums core. Full-bodied, firm and with wonderfully ripe, grainy tannins, it delivers mouth-filling black fruits and an epically long, wonderfully fragrant finish. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2016 Schrader Cellars CCS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 2

(98 Points) A barrel sample coming from the Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard, block C1 planted to clone 4, the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon CCS has a very deep purple-black color and vibrant nose of crushed blueberries and black cherries with touches of mocha, beef dripping and cloves plus a hint of underbrush. The medium to full-bodied palate gives up pure, intense black fruit flavors and a solid backbone of grainy tannins, finishing long and earthy.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2016 Schrader Cellars GIII Beckstoffer George III Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 1

(97 Points) The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon GIII is deep garnet-purple in color with boisterous black fruits notes of crushed blackberries, warm black plums and blackcurrant cordial with touches of cedar chest, roses, tilled black soil and tar plus a waft of cloves. The palate is big, rich, full and packed with black fruit preserves and exotic spice notions with a velvety frame and a very long finish.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2015 Schrader Cellars CCS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 2

(99 Points) Characteristic of this vintage, there is magnificent fat, sucrosity and thickness on display in all of these wines. They are inky black/purple and seemingly low in acidity, but according to Thomas Rivers Brown the acids were quite sound and healthy. The tannins are present, but so well-disguised by the high levels of glycerin and sucrosity that they are not that noticeable. Several of these wines, including the Schrader, CCS, T6 and LPV have the potential for perfect scores. These will be thrilling to taste next year and will continue the incredible legacy that Schrader Cellars has developed over the years.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2015 Schrader Cellars RBS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 1

(98 points) Coming from the Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard, blocks B1, B2 and E2 planted to clone 337, the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon RBS has a very deep purple-black color and is a little reticent to begin, offering glimpses at crushed black berries, black cherries and black currants with touches of cedar chest, pencil lead, dark chocolate and dusty earth with a waft of cinnamon stick. Medium to full-bodied and tautly structured with rock-solid, firm, grainy tannins and seamless freshness supporting the muscular fruit, it finishes on a lingering earthy note. Forget this one over the next 4-5 years, and drink it over the next 25+. 1,096 cases produced. (LPB) 98+  (12/2017) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2014 Schrader Cellars LPV Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 4

(99 Points) The 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon LPV is from clone 337 from the Las Piedras Vineyard in St. Helena. This shows Mission Haut-Brion-like characteristics as it has in the past, with crushed rock, wet gravel, scorched earth, blackberry and blueberry fruit. It is clearly one of my favorites of this entire tasting. It has 14.5% natural alcohol and was aged in 90% new Darnajou and 10% new Taransaud barrels. This is a killer effort.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2014 Schrader Cellars RBS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 5

(96 Points) The 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon RBS is made from the same clone (337) as the Georges III, but comes from the To Kalon Vineyard in Oakville and not the Rutherford Georges III. This was aged in 85% new Darnajou and 15% new Taransaud. It has fabulous concentration, notes of incense, licorice, blackcurrants, blackberries, as well as spring flowers. The wine is juicy, savory and full-bodied, with wonderful underlying energy and freshness. This wine is a more forward style than we saw with the 2013s, and is best drunk over the next 16-20 years.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2014 Schrader Cellars CCS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Price: $500.00    Sale Price: $400.00           Quantity in Stock: 2

(98 Points) Another one of my favorites is the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon CCS, which is clone 4 from the To Kalon Vineyard in Oakville. This is aged in 100% new Darnajou and is one of the larger cuvées at 510 cases. Wonderfully sweet, velvety tannins, a big sweet nose of white flowers, blackberry and cassis along with cedar wood, charcoal and graphite are all present in this full-bodied opulent wine that also retains wonderful elegance. It finished at 14.6% alcohol and will drink beautifully now as well as over the next 15-20 years. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2009 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer To Kalon Napa
Price: $450.00    Your Price: $396.00          Quantity in Stock: 1

(95-98 points) I’ll keep my notes on the 2009s brief, but as one can see, these are among the superstars of the vintage. I do not envision any of them meriting a perfect score, which will finally break the trifecta of perfection for the CCS, but these will all be mid to upper-90 point wines because they are that good. As Thomas Brown explained to me, it was a year of higher yields, cooler temperatures, and virtually all of the vineyards were harvested before the deluge arrived in mid-October. The 2009s are all made from the same Clones as the 2008s. I thought the three top cuvees were the T6, CCS and Schrader, but the RBS looks profound as well. The only wine that is perhaps lighter than expected is the George III. The 2009s should be more evolved, gorgeous to drink out of the gate, and last for 15-20 years as opposed to 30-40- RP Wine Advocate

2014 Schrader Boars View Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
Price: $165.00    Your Price: $145.20          Quantity in Stock: 1

Vineyard Manager Ulises Valdez and Winemaker Thomas Brown worked hand-in-hand to customize their farming practices to ensure optimal results from vineyard to the barrel, and ultimately to you, their faithful friends. The young wines were cellared in a complement of the finest Remond and François Frères French oak barrels for a period of approximately 10 months.
Exemplifying Thomas’ signature style, these rich, complex Pinot Noirs are unfined and unfiltered, presented in their natural form. Their diligent efforts have been handsomely rewarded, as the Boars‘ View wine possess exceptional purity and stunning fruit essence complemented by a natural finesse and balance, where these luscious, silky, fruit-forward wines are nothing short of extraordinary.



2017 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon Double Diamond Oakville
Price: $82.50       Your Price: $72.60            Quantity in Stock: 50

With their lush flavors and food-friendly profile, our Double Diamond Cabernet Sauvignons are the darlings of our portfolio. The program focuses on two outstanding growing regions — the Napa Valley, renowned for producing world-class Cabernet Sauvignons, and the mountaintop Beckstoffer Amber Knolls Vineyard — situated in the heart of the Red Hills Lake County appellation.

Our Double Diamond wines prove to be spectacularly rich and concentrated, with profiles characterized by dark red, blue fruit, and soft spice flavors. Handcrafted by winemaker Thomas Brown, these bright and accessible wines are ripe and ready-to-enjoy upon release, bringing exceptional quality and flavor that cannot be beat.

A Bit About Colgin:

Pursuing a dream of having estate grown grapes, Ann Colgin purchased a five-acre parcel north of St. Helena across from Freemark Abbey Winery in 1996. The property once belonged to Josephine Tychson, documented as the first woman winemaker in California. Ann planted two and one-half acres of Cabernet Sauvignon under the supervision of vineyard manager, David Abreu in 1997. The special terroir features a unique Aiken soil type which runs from Grace Family Vineyard to just north of the property, now known as "Tychson Hill Vineyard." The Aiken soils coupled with carefully selected rootstock and clones on the rocky east-facing slope give a remarkable fresh berry scented wine of great proportions. In 2000 Ann and her husband, Joe Wender, completed the rebuilding of Josephine Tychson's 19th Century home.

Tychson Hill is rich with history. In 1881 Josephine Tychson and her husband, John, a Danish immigrant bought twenty-six acres including "Tychson Hill Vineyard" for $8,500. The property was known as Lodi Ranch and had been acquired by William Sayward in 1867 from Charles Krug. The couple planted vineyards and dreamed of building a winery. Tragically, John who was stricken with tuberculosis died in 1886 at an early age leaving Josephine with two young children, John Jr. and Annette.  Josephine was a determined and courageous young woman and she had a great desire to fulfill their expansion plans.  The St. Helena Star of August 27, 1886 noted that Mrs. Tychson was building a cellar on her property with an estimated capacity of between 20,000 and 30,000 gallons.
Josephine made wine there for eight years producing Zinfandel, Reisling and Burgundy, popular varietals of the time.  In 1894 she sold the winery and a portion of the vineyards to her foreman, Nels Larsen for reasons that are not entirely clear. Phylloxera had affected some of her vineyards in 1893 and Josephine had suffered health problems throughout her life and perhaps these concerns prompted the sale.  She lived alone in the two-story house at Tychson Hill until her death in 1939.  She was 84 years old.  Following Josephine's death, her son, John Jr. moved into the house with his wife, Pearl. He lived there until 1970 when he was 90 years old.  The property had various owners during the next two decades until Ann purchased it and began the long process of restoring the vineyards, believed to have been taken out during prohibition, and eventually rebuilding the house.

Ann Barry Colgin, owner of Colgin Cellars, heads a highly talented team who produce some of Napa Valley’s most sought after hand-crafted wines. Colgin founded the winery in 1992 with a vision of making the finest wines possible from exceptional hillside vineyards in Napa Valley. Each of the five wines produced at Colgin Cellars displays a distinctive personality and sense of place. Colgin’s commitment to excellence and her appreciation of art and history are reflected in all aspects of the winery and the wines produced there.

Colgin wears multiple hats in the wine industry. As an accomplished auctioneer, she donates her time at select charity wine auctions including the Naples Winter Wine Festival in Naples, Florida. She has helped to develop many top charity wine auctions in the United States including the High Museum Wine Auction in Atlanta, Georgia, the Bacchus Gala Wine Auction for Copia, The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa, California and the Neil Bogart Foundation Wine Auction in Los Angeles, California. In 2003 she was honored by New York-Presbyterian Hospital as the first recipient of the "Ann Colgin Award for Corporate Philanthropy." In 2006 she was the Honoree for the NY City Opera Spring Gala and she was selected Honored Vintner for the 2007 Naples Winter Wine Festival.

Born in Waco, Texas, Colgin completed her undergraduate work at Vanderbilt University and received her M.A. from New York University. She also completed the Sotheby’s Decorative Works of Art Course in London, England. An avid arts and antiques enthusiast, Colgin was President of Fairchilds Fine Art, Inc. based in Florida from 1985 to 1997.  Ann Colgin serves as Consultant for Sotheby’s Wine Department. She is a board member of the High Museum in Atlanta and the Neil Bogart Memorial Foundation in Los Angeles. Ann and her husband, Joe Wender, are investors in the negotiant, Camille Giroud in Burgundy and the second growth Bordeaux estate, Chateau Lascombes. Colgin divides her time between homes in Los Angeles and St. Helena where she rebuilt the historic home once owned by Josephine Tychson, Napa Valley’s first female vintner.  

Ann has left nothing to chance after she acquired the right vineyard site she assembled an all star line-up at Colgin.  First she hired the best vineyard manger in California David Abreu. Then she hired one of the hottest winemakers Mark Aubert and finally she went as far as hiring a famous enologist from Bordeaux Alain Reynaud as a collaborator.
Mark Aubert grew up in St. Helena on Rockland Road, a stone's throw from Tychson Hill Vineyard. He joined the Colgin Cellars team as winemaker in 1999 following a fruitful career with Peter Michael Winery. A graduate of California State University at Fresno, he began his career at Rutherford Hill as Enologist then went on to work at Monticello Cellars. In 1990 he became assistant winemaker to Helen Turley at Peter Michael Winery and took over the role of winemaker upon her departure. He produced exceptional wines at Peter Michael for over ten years and still serves as a Consultant there.  Mark is known for his classical winemaking techniques and also contributed his expertise to the design of our new state-of-the art winery in the Pritchard Hill area of Napa Valley. He spends much of his time in our vineyards working closely with David Abreu.
David Abreu is a third generation native of Napa Valley. He grew up in Rutherford where his parents were ranchers. In 1980 he founded David Abreu Vineyard Management. He focuses on vineyards in the Napa Valley from Oakville to Calistoga and is renowned for his knowledge of the terroirs of the area. He is the vineyard manager for the Tychson Hill Vineyard and IX Estate. David's vineyard workers remain constant from year to year, getting to know our properties intimately, and making informed decisions on pruning, canopy management and crop thinning. The signature of an Abreu vineyard is the meticulous care, which shows in the precise, even rows of perfectly maintained vines. He is a perfectionist.
"Dr. Raynaud brings an exciting facet to our team," according to Ann Colgin. "His dedication to neo-classical winemaking techniques and attention to detail are the perfect compliment to Aubert and Abreu." Raynaud collaborates in the exchange of ideas and information to enhance the Colgin Cellars' line." I am greatly impressed with the wines Colgin is producing. This is a personal project I am deeply committed to and will be my only venture in the U.S." said Raynaud.  Raynaud's lineage in wine production dates back to the 15th century with his family winery in Bordeaux. He left the industry to pursue a career in medicine and returned in 1998 to craft some of the most sought after small production wines in Bordeaux, including La Fleur De Gay and La Croix De Gay in Pomerol and Chateau Quinault in St. Emillion. Raynaud supervises the production of Chateau Lascombes, Margaux in which Colgin and her husband, Joe Wender, are investors. From 1994-2000 Raynaud served as President of the Union Des Grands Crus De Bordeaux, representing top Bordeaux wines around the world.

See the source image

2013 Colgin IX Proprietary Red Napa
Price: $715.00    Sale Price: $595.00           Quantity in Stock: 3

(100 points)  Another perfect wine from Ann Colgin and her winemaking team is the 2013 IX Proprietary Red Estate, a blend of 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 8% Petit Verdot. An absolutely compelling wine, with notes of lead pencil shavings, spring flowers, blueberry, blackberry and cassis, it has the full smorgasbord of black and blue fruits, wonderfully integrated, toasty oak, acidity and tannin, a floral note that is unmistakable, and great richness, density and purity. It is an utterly exceptional wine and a tribute to not only a great vineyard, but impeccable winemaking and upbringing. Drink through 2045. (RP)  (10/2015) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2013 Colgin Cariad Napa
Price: $550.00    Your Price: $484.00          Quantity in Stock: 2

(98 Points) The 2013 Cariad Proprietary Red Wine, a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Franc and 9% Petit Verdot, shows great intensity, with a slightly more burning ember and scorched earthiness to it, giving it a more Graves-like character compared to the purity of the Tychson Hill. The wine is full-bodied, rich, layered and possibly slightly more tannic and backward than the Tychson Hill, but that could be because it had recently been bottled. It should evolve over the course of 30+ years.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2013 Colgin Tychson Hill Vineyard Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $695.00    Sale Price: $595.00           Quantity in Stock: 1

(100 points) The 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Tychson Hill Vineyard is a rival for the 2012. Opaque purple, with blueberry and blackberry fruit, a hint of incense and subtle toast, the wine has great intensity, incredible richness and, again, a floral blue- and black-fruited nose and flavor profile that is remarkable. The finish goes on for close to a minute. This is slightly more tightly knit than the more ostentatious 2012, but both are wines to taste and drink before you die! (RP)  (10/2015) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2012 Colgin Cariad Napa
Price: $625.00    Sale Price: $545.00           Quantity in Stock: 4

(98 points) A close second (and who knows how they might perform at different times and with different foods) is the 2012 Cariad Proprietary Red Wine, made from grapes grown by David Abreu at his estate vineyards in Napa. This blend of 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Franc and 9% Petit Verdot shows notes of burning embers/charcoal, blackberry fruit, licorice and floral notes, followed by a full-bodied, dense, layered wine. It has great purity, wonderfully sweet, integrated tannin, and a voluptuous mouthfeel and finish of close to 50+ seconds. (RP)  (10/2015) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2012 Colgin IX Proprietary Red Napa
Price: $625.00    Sale Price: $525.00           Quantity in Stock: 3

(99 points) The 2012 IX Proprietary Red Estate, which comes from their gorgeous hillside vineyards overlooking Lake Hennessey high on Pritchard Hill, is a blend of 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc, and 8% Petit Verdot. Absolutely spectacular aromatics of spring flowers, blueberry, blackberry and blackcurrant fruit intermixed with creosote, graphite and floral notes are followed by a wine of great depth, elegance, richness and purity. Simply loaded, but with pristine harmony and equilibrium, this is a sensational tour de force and a great tribute to this spectacular hillside site on Pritchard Hill. Drink it over the next 25-35 years. This is an incredible lineup of wines from Ann Colgin, her winemaker Allison Tauziet and Bordeaux winemaking consultant Dr. Alain Raynaud. Of course, they have David Abreu, the superstar of viticulturalists, looking after their vineyards which, based on those I’ve seen at Tychson Hill and the IX Estate, are meticulously and fastidiously maintained as well as drop-dead beautiful terroirs. The 2012s, which I reviewed from bottle before, have gone from strength to strength at the top of the qualitative pyramid. (RP)  (10/2015) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2005 Colgin Cariad Napa
Price: $795.00    Sale Price: $625.00           Quantity in Stock: 1

(100 points) The blend that Colgin fashions from three vineyards owned by David Abreu (Madrona, Thorevilos and Howell Mountain) is called Cariad. The 2005 Proprietary Red Cariad consists of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc and 9% Petit Verdot. Offering up spring flowers and garden aromas, sweet blueberry and black raspberry fruit, a touch of charcoal embers, graphite and background toast, it is fleshy and full-bodied, and again, meriting a three-digit score. This is absolutely remarkable wine. As it sat in the glass, it developed some rather compelling chocolaty, licorice undertones. This is a great classic to drink over the next 20-25 years. By the way, for those interested, the cooperage generally chosen is dominated by Taransaud barrels, but there are at least four different coopers. (RP) (6/2015) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

2002 Colgin Cariad Red Wine Napa Valley
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(99 Points) Probably the least evolved, although certainly accessible, stunningly complex, and just a point short of pure perfection is the 2002 Cariad. It is a blend of 58% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot and the rest Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, all purchased fruit from the David Abreu-owned and managed vineyards of Madrona Ranch in St. Helena and Thorevilos, behind the Meadowood Resort. Strikingly dark plum/purple in color, with notes of white chocolate, barbecue smoke, graphite, blueberry and blackberry liqueur as well as espresso roast, this is a tremendously complex blend that hits the palate with full-bodied opulence, terrific richness and intensity, and wonderfully silky tannins. The entire wine saturates the palate yet is never heavy, instead rather ethereal. This is an extraordinarily elegant, complex, yet authoritative example of a creative blend from some of the finest terroirs in all of Napa Valley, brought to life by the extraordinary passion and abilities of owners Ann Colgin and Joe Wender. If the other three wines seem to have fully matured, this wine probably won’t reach its plateau for another 2-3 years and it will keep for 15 or more. The debut vintage of the Tychson Hill Vineyard, which is located right on Route 29, north of St. Helena, was 2002. I gave it a prefect score seven years ago, and there’s no reason to change that. My only surprise from my recent tasting is that the wine has evolved slightly faster than I would have thought. Wine Advocate, Robert Parker, June 2012

2002 Colgin Cabernet Sauvignon Herb Lamb Napa
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(96 Points) The 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Herb Lamb Vineyard (220 cases) exhibits a dense purple color in addition to a big, rich bouquet of grilled meats, dried herbs, ground pepper, espresso, blackberries, cassis, and blueberries. This seriously endowed yet elegant Cabernet is full-bodied, dense, and rich with sweet tannin as well as a surprising accessibility – a characteristic of this exciting vintage. Anticipated maturity: now-2020. Wine Advocate # 157, Feb 2005

1994 Colgin Cabernet Sauvignon Herb Lamb Napa
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(96 Points) What is so remarkable about the 1994 and 1995 offerings is that they are aged in 100% new French oak, yet the wood's influence is extremely subtle. In addition to their power, richness, and fullness, another hallmark of the Colgin wines is the vibrant blueberry, boysenberry, cassis character that roars from the glass. The potentially perfect 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon is a totally dry wine, but the sweetness and taste of this wine's fruit is akin to a savory blend of a chocolate-covered, blueberry/cassis-filled candy bar and vanilla ice cream melting in the mouth. This full-bodied wine is silky, seductive, opulent, voluptuously-textured, and extraordinarily fragrant, expansive, and rich. In spite of this, the wine remains graceful and well-balanced, without any sense of heaviness, or obtrusive tannin or acidity. I clearly underrated the 1994 from my earliest barrel tastings, but the last two times I have had it, from barrel immediately prior to bottling and in bottle, have persuaded me that this wine is one of the most exciting and remarkable young Cabernet Sauvignons I have tasted! It should drink well for another 25-30 years. Damn, I adore this wine! For my taste, there are five potentially perfect Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines from the remarkable 1994 vintage. The 1994 Dominus, 1994 Harlan Estate, 1994 Bryant Family Reserve, 1994 Colgin-Schrader, and 1994 Shafer Hillside Select are all candidates for three-digit scores. Colgin, whose wines are made by Helen Turley, is a newcomer to the Cabernet sweepstakes, having debuted with a brilliant 1992, which was followed by an even more prodigious 1993. I have had the 1994 on four separate occasions, and the last two times it has been virtually perfect. Moreover, the 1995 is another extraordinary success, although production in 1995 was a minuscule 100 cases. However, proprietors Ann Colgin and Fred Schrader have purchased a 5-acre vineyard near the Grace Family Vineyard, just across the street from Freemark Abbey, so production of what will be two Cabernets will increase in several years. Wine Advocate # 108, Dec 1996


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