Pahlmeyer - One of the Original California Cult Wines - WineTasting Featuring Wines back to 2004 Vintage Friday August 30th!

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"Now wines are wonders; great wines are magical; and winemakers are mad. Like horse fanciers, they are always trying to improve the breed."  - William E. Massee


We could not resist the temptation of putting these 12 Pahlmeyer wines on the table when two collectors sent me their list of wines they have not drink, drank drunk yet.  Then, the winery contacted us regarding the event and they are sending some of the new releases to try along with these vintage wines. 

Pahlmeyer winery has been on a constant path of excellence since Jayson Pahlmeyer started out in 1986, he had no winery, no vineyards but was determined to make one of California’s best wines and one that would stand up to the best of those made in Bordeaux, France and the rest of the world.  Tonight we have the wines to prove it!

We have over 12 different wines from Pahlmeyer winery on the table going back to the 2004 vintage including the rare Petit Verdot and the Right Bank wine.  The fee for this tasting which includes dinner is $195 + tax for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail

Pahlmeyer Wine Tasting

Friday, August 30, 2019

7:30 PM

2012 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay Sonoma Coast

2011 Pahlmeyer Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

2012 Pahlmeyer Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

2004 Pahlmeyer Merlot Napa

2005 Pahlmeyer Merlot Napa

2010 Pahlmeyer Merlot Napa

2007 Pahlmeyer Petit Verdot Napa

2009 Pahlmeyer Petit Verdot Napa

2011 Pahlmeyer Petit Verdot Napa

2004 Pahlmeyer Red Blend Napa

2009 Pahlmeyer Red Blend Napa

2009 Pahlmeyer Right Bank Napa


Selection of Cheese and Charcuterie

Tuna Tartar with grilled wild Mushrooms and Lavender Aioli

Cabernet Braised Beef Short Rib with Mole Sauce and Sweet Potato fries with blackberry catsup

Chocolate Covered Bacon Blueberries and Blackberries

The fee for this tasting which includes dinner is $195 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail


A bit more about Pahlmeyer Winery:

In 1972, while finishing law school, Jayson Pahlmeyer was at the starting gate of his grapes-to-wine quest. He and John Caldwell, a good friend and fellow wine explorer, had developed a penchant and a deep admiration for the Bordeaux style of grape growing and winemaking. Their shared wine palate and nose led them on investigative trips to the famous French vineyards where they acquired cuttings from the five classic Bordeaux varietals.  Back in California with their Bordeaux cuttings, they began their grand experiment.

The Caldwell family owned a 55-acre parcel off the beaten path in the Coombsville area. Despite being out of the accepted loop for what was considered "Wine Country," Jayson and John decided to perform the trans-Atlantic transplanting here that would produce Jayson's dream "California Mouton." The area's wine experts grimaced at their plan. Even at a mere 500-foot elevation, a good portion of the acreage was vertical, presenting massive rock-clearing problems due to the extreme pitch of the land. The boulder-like size and density of the rock pieces were formidable obstacles. Also, there were stout 300-year-old oak trees blocking important sunlight. But Pahlmeyer and Caldwell would not let pessimism rule.

In stepped Jack Caldwell, John's father, helping them refurbish a junked mining rig salvaged from Montana. With additional shovel-help from a crew of eight men, they planted around the long-standing oaks and lava rocks, sacrificing a considerable amount of usable acreage to preserve the natural environment.

Jayson now recounts, "It took us six years to get our first commercial harvest. In 1981, '82 and '83 if you had come out to the vineyard, you would have said it looks like these guys really screwed up. The vines just sat there doing nothing." The immigrant vines were unaccustomed to the soil and the standard three year maturation period extended to six long years. But Jayson and John's patience-some called it delusion-paid off.

A vineyard neighbor, friend, and guru of Napa Valley winemaking, Randy Dunn, was so impressed with the fruit's intensity and complexity that he offered to purchase every bit of the 1986 crop.

Randy's entry into the Pahlmeyer saga was extremely timely because now that the vines were finally ready, Jayson would need the expertise of a bonafide winemaker to bring the experiment to the ultimate test: the tasting.

Helen Turley was offered the reins as winemaker when Randy moved on to concentrate on personal projects. At Pahlmeyer, Helen immediately began her steady rise to world-renown prominence for the vineyard and winemaking magic she performed. A pioneer in the industry, she constantly pushed the envelope in winegrowing and winemaking with cutting-edge and risky techniques. She also became instrumental in opening doors to women in the wine industry, an insular world known for its fierce attachment to tradition.

Helen continually sought out better fruit sources for Pahlmeyer. As the new millennium emerged Pahlmeyer sourced fruit from low-yield sites in Spring Mountain, Wooden Valley, Atlas Peak and Coombsville. In order to push their quality to new levels Jayson knew that he would have to have complete control over what was happening in the vineyards. The only way to do this was to plant estate vineyards, leading to the development of Pahlmeyer's Waters Ranch and Wayfarer Farm.

The Waters were pioneers in Napa Valley, establishing their Ranch in the early 20th Century. Their original home built in 1908 is still standing. Childless, in the 1950's they turned their spread into a camp for Girl Scouts. In 1996, the Waters' ranch came to Jayson's attention. At 1,500 to 2,100 feet above sea level, the property was ideally situated for raising Bordeaux-style grapes. Today, the vineyard supports just over 70 acres of vines planted over the saddleback of the mountain by the vineyard developer extraordinaire David Abreu. Each block of the vineyard is unique, offering the different growing conditions needed for Chardonnay and each of the five Bordeaux varietals that go into the Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot and Malbec. Jayson, as before, set out to plant this vineyard with land preservation and conservation in mind, donating 57 acres of the property to the Land Trust of Napa Valley.

The story of our Sonoma Coast property, Wayfarer Farm, begins with David and Dorothy Davis, an archetypical 1970's California couple. They supported their chosen simplistic lifestyle by selling the Farm's small fruit and vegetable crops to local upscale restaurants like Chez Panisse and Zuni. By the late 1990's they were ready to retire to Oklahoma. Helen Turley and her husband John had already established their nearby Marcassin Vineyard, which has become the iconic vineyard of the region. As consultants to Pahlmeyer at that time, they introduced Jayson to the Davis's. Pahlmeyer purchased Wayfarer Farm in 1997 and enlisted David Abreu to develop the property.

The bulk of Abreu's previous work in vineyard design had been exclusive to the Napa Valley. Wayfarer Farm was the first vineyard he developed on the Sonoma Coast. His meticulous eye and penchant for perfectionism produced another state-of-the-art vineyard for Pahlmeyer.

Wayfarer Farm would be the proving ground for one of the first "true" Sonoma Coast wines. The locale boasts an extremely rare combination of climate and geography. The Pacific Ocean's cold water currents mix with the land's warm air to produce a night fog ideal for growing Burgundian varietals. Today, this amazing appellation is the prime viticultural source for Chardonnay and Pinot noir and has been referred to by Jayson as California's Cote d'Or.


Everything that we have Available from Pahlmeyer Winery:

Image result for 2017 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay Napa

2017 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay Napa

Price: $93.00    Your Price: $81.84               Quantity in Stock: 23

The 2017 Pahlmeyer Napa Valley Chardonnay opens with sweet white floral aromas that lead into notes of lemon curd, orange spice, and intriguing hints of roasted almonds. A rich, viscous palate delivers ripe honeydew melon and custard flavors with good tension between acidity and texture. A kiss of French oak distinguishes the wine’s complex finish.

2015 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay Napa  Magnum

Price: $231.00    Your Price: $203.28          Quantity in Stock: 3

(95 Points) This wine opens with aromas of lemon and neroli oil, floral hints of lily and acacia, and the suggestion of fresh brioche. The smooth, unctuous palate is clean, complex and harmonious with fresh apricot characters. Warm notes of clove and nutmeg, carry over the rich, lengthy finish. Wine Spectator #9 Wine of the Year 2017

2015 Pahlmeyer Merlot Napa Magnum

Price: $255.00    Your Price: $224.40

2015 Pahlmeyer Merlot Napa

Price: $99.00    Your Price: $87.12

Aromas of red fruit, crushed raspberries and jam mingle with notes of orange-spiced tea and blueberry muffin. On the palate, a rich entry turns soft and plush, with bright red fruit supported by balanced acidity. This is a juicy wine, with satisfying depth and length.

Composition: 96.5% Merlot, 2.5% Malbec and 1% Cabernet Sauvignon

Vineyards: Pahlmeyer Estate Vineyard


2015 Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red Napa MAGNUM

Price: $509.00    Your Price: $447.92

2015 Pahlmeyer Red Meritage Napa

Price: $217.50    Your Price: $191.40

is wine shows a deep crimson color in the glass. Brambly aromatics are layered with dark plum, cassis, ripe fig, and a touch of anise and cigar box. A powerful, fruit-driven entry on the palate—with notes of blackberry, molasses, bakers chocolate and leather—is supported by plush tannins that last over a lingering, juicy finish.

Composition: 79% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 3% Malbec, 1% Cabernet Franc and 1% Petit Verdot

Vineyards: Pahlmeyer Estate Vineyard, Rancho Chimiles, Stagecoach

Jayson – The second wine of Pahlmeyer

Image result for 2017 Jayson Sauvignon Blanc Napa

2017 Jayson Sauvignon Blanc Napa

Price: $29.75    Your Price: $26.18

This wine reveals classic Napa Sauvignon Blanc expression with fresh aromas of pineapple, white peach, grapefruit, and ripe goldenberries, as well as intriguing hints of cool slate and lime zest. The complex fruit carries over onto a soft, rich palate balanced with firm acidity.

2016 Jayson Chardonnay Napa

Price: $52.25    Your Price: $45.98

This wine has a light straw color and generous aromas of honeydew melon with hints of white flower, raw walnut, toasted almond and vanilla. A smooth palate, with rich viscosity, wraps around the tongue then gently elevates the complex characters and lifts away. Beautiful acidity carries over the satisfying finish and makes this wine easy to pair with food.


2016 Jayson Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

Price: $55.00    Your Price: $48.40

2016 Jayson Cabernet Sauvignon Napa

Price: $89.00    Your Price: $78.32

This wine’s dark burgundy core pushes to the very edge of the glass, heralding intense aromas of black raspberry, ripe blueberry and vanilla bean, dusted with sophisticated notes of crushed slate. The entry is plush with ripe black cherry and warm baking spices, lifted by a fresh acidity and fine-grained tannins. Its ever-lasting finish lingers on notes of wild blackberry and cedar-infused dark chocolate.

2016 Jayson Proprietary Red Napa

Price: $66.00    Your Price: $58.08

The 2016 Jayson Red Wine displays deep ruby to garnet color in the glass. Aromas of cherry and blackberry compote, with just a hint of Jordan almonds, gives way to a deep, dark fruit palate, where dense tannins and focused acidity support the rich fruit over a silky, gratifying finish. Oak aging adds notes of baking spice and cardamom. This is a balanced wine with great depth, made to be enjoyed upon release.


Wayfarer Pinot Noir

I was happy to accept the Pahlmeyer family’s invitation to visit the Wayfarer Vineyard in August of 2014 and it worked out perfectly for me as I was already out on the west coast for the Washington State Wine Auction.  It was great to visit the Fort Ross Seaview appellation with one of the state’s best ocean side resorts Tamber Cove.  This place was a throwback in time and one of the most unique establishments that I have ever spent time and the only place to have a group stay that is coming out to visit the vineyards out here on the true Sonoma Coast.

The story of the Wayfarer Vineyards begins with Helen Turley as winemaker for Pahlmeyer in the early day she found this property for Jayson.  It was an organic farm one of the most northern vineyard in the Fort Ross Ava. They are in a warm spot in a cold area.  David Abreu planted the vineyard in 2002 and they are two ridge lines in from the ocean so extreme growing conditions.  They brought on two new winemakers in 2012 to make estate wines from this property.  Bibiana Gonzalez Rave was the winemaker when we visited and she is from Columbia trained in France via both burgundy and Bordeaux.  In 2011 the Fort Ross AVA was approved all of which is above 90- foot elevation and is right on the ocean. 

The vineyard here is planted with a very tight density 6 x 3 as opposed to 8 x 10.  More concentrated fruit is the result.  It is 30 acres broken down to 30 blocks of 1 acre each.  They are on 3 main ridges they used three different root stocks because of the different flavor profiles because of the temperatures in the vineyards.  They have several different clones on the property and these are the first releases from this exciting new label from this extreme growing region.

2015 Wayfarer Pinot Noir Wayfarer Vineyard image

2015 Wayfarer Pinot Noir Wayfarer Vineyard

List Price: $90.00        Your Price: $79.20

Estate blend 800 cases contains every clone in the vineyard. Beautiful nose of exotic spice rose petals cherry liqueur like fruit very rich and luscious they have a minimal approach to the winemaking. Pick at night to keep the fruit fresh. Wild yeasts French oak low to medium toast. Has a nice touch of earth but the fruit is the star here, strawberry and raspberry coulis. Bright and zesty on the tongue with a solid core of red berry fruit silky velvety texture with pretty floral notes and mint and exotic spices through the finish wonderful balance, long layered finish. Finish 50+ Most Excellent

2014 Wayfarer Mother Rock Pinot Noir Sonoma

Price: $126.00    Your Price: $110.88

(95 Points) This cuvee comes from two blocks that have the most superficial soils in the vineyard, i.e. forcing the roots to go into the “mother rock” of the vineyard. A blend of Mont Eden (which is clone 37) and clone 777, the 335-case 2014 Pinot Noir Mother Rocks is a hands down success that offers fabulous notes of cassis, framboise, spice and spring flowers in a ripe, sexy, yet also elegant and ethereally textured package. It has tons to love and given its purity and balance, it will keep delivering the goods for another decade or more.  Jeb Dunnuck




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