2014 Plenitude Cour Cheverny

The Wine
Vineyard Profile

Size of vineyard: 3 hectars
Soil composition: clay with silica on a calcareous base
Training method: baguette
Vines/Ha: 6,000
Yield/Ha: 35
Year vineyard planted: 1940

Harvest Notes

Harvest time: October
First vintage of this wine: 2008
Number of bottles produced: 2,000
Fermentation container: Demi muid
Length of alcoholic fermentation (days): 21
Fermentation temperature: non controlled
Aging container: demi muid
Size of aging containers: 500 L
Age of aging containers: 2-3 years
Length of aging before bottling: 10 months
Length of bottle aging: It can age for 10 years

Winemaker's Notes

Straw yellow color, this wine has small notes of wood, with aromas of rhubarb and quince.
Very long lasting and mineral, it evolves in the glass while it is opening up.

Wine Summary

100% Romorantin grape, an indigenous grape variety that grows only in this part of France, only 60 Ha planted in the entire world.
Harvested by hand and with the sole use of indigenous yeast.
Wine made in barrels, with 10 months age on fines lees.

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