2009 Allegrini La Poja Monovitigno Corvina Veronese

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2009 Allegrini La Poja Monovitigno Corvina Veronese image

A single plot of the La Grola vineyard, lots of chalk here, very white and this wine is 100% varietal so they can’t call if Valpolicella or Amarone but they do not dry these grapes either. This is mostly Corvina and this wine has a very distinct bouquet dark berry fruit, 6.5 acres of chalk soils in the La Grola, wild flowers, herbs almost an elixir like quality to the bouquet along with dried meats, lovely intensity.  A big and volumous wine on the tongue wiht fine chalky tannins, a big but balanced wine with that meaty character through the finish.  Even better on the second day this wine opens up nicely but still has a good amount of tannins at the end but pleanty of fruit to match I would like to try this wine again in 10 years, fine chalky tnnins and distinct chalky minerality through the finish.    Finish 45+    Excellent +

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