Bodegas Roda 20+ years of Rioja - A Study of Spain's Greatest wine

Friday, January 11, 2019 - 07:30 PM

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One of the few places where you can still get vintage wines that have been aged at the winery is Spain and today we have an offering on one of the best values in the world of fine wine- Rioja.

This is one of the “New School” Rioja producers, Mario Rotllant and Carmen Daurella are the minds behind this project and I was luck enough to meet them at the winery on my last trip to Spain in 2001 with Eric Solomon who was the first importer to bring these wines in the US.  I remember visiting the winery in the town of Haro shortly after its completion and being blown away at the facility and the story of their journey to make not only one of Spain’s greatest wines but one that will stand the test of time on a world stage.

After seeing the elaborate set up and hearing both owner’s story of their quest to make the best possible wine which lead them to Rioja it was time to taste the wine and after all that hype, the juice lived up to my expectations.  That was when I asked Carmen what the price of the wines would be.  He just raised his hand and said “don’t ask about the price right now, just enjoy the wine.”  That’s when I figured the price would be high but to be able to acquire all these old wines directly from the source when they are all over 10 years old now I think the prices on the wines on this offering are incredibly reasonable.  All of the wines on this offering just arrived from Rioja a few weeks ago and how it’s time to see how they are drinking.  We will be opening over a dozen of these RODA wines all over 10 years of age and all of them came directly from the cellars of RODA in the town of Haro.  Provenience is everything and this is the best possible scenario for collectibles.  

This is also a great opportunity to see how these vintages from Rioja are drinking, if you love Rioja this tasting is a must and it will be the last wine tasting at the Wine Watch Wine Bar till after Christmas.  The Wine Bar will be open on Thursday night this week and I have included the menu for Thursday at the end of this offering.  

The fee for this tasting which includes dinner is $115 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail


Bodegas Roda 20+ years of Rioja - A Study of Spain's Greatest wine
Friday, January 11th

1993 Bodegas Roda Rioja Reserva Roda II

2000 Bodegas Roda Reserva Rioja Roda I

2003 Bodegas Roda Reserva Roda

2003 Bodegas Roda Reserva Rioja Roda I

2004 Bodegas Roda Reserva

2004 Bodegas Roda Reserva Rioja Roda I

2005 Bodegas Roda Reserva Roda

2005 Bodegas Roda Reserva Rioja Roda I

2006 Bodegas Roda Reserva Roda

2006 Bodegas Roda Reserva Rioja Roda I

2007 Bodegas Roda Reserva Roda

2007 Bodegas Roda Reserva Rioja Roda I

2008 Bodegas Roda Reserva Rioja Roda I



Iberico Jamon, Manchego and Marcona Almonds

Patatas a la Riojana

BBQ Suckling Pig with Spanish Frittata

Dulce de Leche Flan

The fee for this tasting which includes dinner is $115 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail


A bit about Bodegas Roda:


Rioja is protected in the north by the Cantabria mountain range, that continues getting together with other mountain ranges to end up in the Mediterranean Sea through the Pyrenees.  The southern part of the Ibérica mountain range separates Rioja from the Castilian plateau and continues, also without interruption, until it gets to the Mediterranean Sea.  These two mountainous systems connect to the West with the Obarenes mountains and this union is just broken by the Ebro river, that cuts the rocks to enter La Rioja and get through it until it discharges in the same sea.

In this area of confluence of these mountain ranges and river is located BODEGAS RODA and its most important growing area.  In the late 80’s, a new generation renews the vine and wine sector. Mario Rotllant and Carmen Daurella arrived in La Rioja with the firm intention of creating a project able to provide the world of winemaking with something new. This is where a fascinating, ambitious, exigent and unprecedented adventure began: BODEGAS RODA.

BODEGAS RODA is located in the edge of the river Ebro, in a balcony of the Railway Station District (Barrio de la Estación) in Haro, La Rioja, over a XIX century “calado”. The vine growers used to use it to stock their harvests, that would be, subsequently, sent to Bordeaux by train to mitigate the damages caused by phylloxera.

RODA was founded in 1987. Four years after the foundation the construction of the winery begins, it finished in 2001.

The facilities where custom-made according to the necessities of the RODA wines: adapting in each phase, the number of vats to the selected vineyards in each vintage, a bioclimatic room, product of an unprecedented bet for innovation, and two aging rooms directly bored in the rock.

There are quite a few things that made RODA revolutionary in Rioja when they started in the late 1980's.   In RODA wines from other vintages are never used to modify or refresh the present vintage?  In order to keep the identity of the vintage in their vineyards, they don’t even buy wines from other wineries.

RODA controls around 20 vine parcels distributed in the best ecosystems of the area, from which every year only the best ones are vinified?

Unlike many producers in Spain the vinification is made in French oak vats with temperature control.  In addition, the aging is 100% made in French oak barrels.

RODA has always understood the landscape as the vision of a group of excellent vineyards where that game of different Atlantic, Mediterranean and Continental climates generates the diverse configurations of Tempranillo, ripened in a profile of red fruit to make RODA or in a profile of black fruits to make RODA I.

RODA cultivates 120 hectares of vineyard, 70 of those are self-owned and the 50 hectares left are from local growers with which we have different agreements. They are distributed in different ecosystems that go from altitudes of 380m to 650m above sea level.

RODA vineyards are in an environment with the influence of three different climates.

The Cantabria and the Ibérica mountain range, merge in the Obarenes Mountains, a mountainous barrier only cleaved by the Ebro river. In this area we find the RODA vineyards where the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Continental climates capriciously play.

All the RODA wines in the store:

Roda II or Roda Reserva after 2002

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