24 Month Aged Parmesan Reggiano Wheel Cutting Ceremony and Tasting

Thursday, February 2, 2023 - 06:00 PM

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 "I was in love with a beautiful blonde once. She drove me to drink; that's the one thing I'm indebted to her for."  W. C. Fields in Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

I have been touting the quality of a freshly opened wheel of Parmesan Reggiano ever since we opened the wine bar when we cracked the first wheel open.  The experience is unlike any other with this cheese as soon as you open the wheel the cheese starts to oxidize and harden so the freshly opened wheel is so buttery and creamy it is unlike any Parmesan you have ever tasted.

We will be offering freshly cut 24-month aged Parmesan Reggiano for $25 per pound this evening and you know that the wheel was just cut today!  If you make it to the tasting, you also get to sample the goods before you buy!  Of course, we will be offering six wines to compliment the cheese and we will be serving a special menu prepared with the freshly cut cheese as well.

There are only 28 spaces available for this event and the fee for this tasting is $95 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com.

You can place an order on-line or over the phone and have your cheese delivered locally with your wine order, but we will only be delivering to the tri county area on the days we are out delivering wine. 

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24 Month Aged Parmesan Reggiano Wheel Cutting Cheese Sale
Thursday, February 2nd
1lb 24 Month Aged Parmesan Reggiano
Price: $25.00

Of course, we will be serving a few wines to accompany the cheese!

Jean Charles Boisset JCB No 21 Brut Cremant De Bourgogne Burgundy image

List Price: $25.50            Sale $22.44
A blend of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir, fresh apple and lemon citrus fruit on the nose white flowers and ginger spice. A good amount of juicy fruit on the tongue with a nice freshness, white flowers and a bit of that limestone mineral notes through the finish, keeping things fresh through the finish. Finish 35+ Very Good +



Price: $22.00     Your Price: $19.36
This wine is composed of 100% Gewurztraminer from the Lost Slough Vineyard in the Sacramento River Delta. This is a fascinating vineyard and one of the most important that we work with. It has the shocking ability to produce fruit for white wine of absolutely excellent quality year in and year out. We have only declassified wine from this vineyard once in twelve years. The vineyard itself is a large flat plain in the Delta, a beautiful, calm, cool, wetlands east of Napa and south of Sacramento. Its soil is shallow and consists of clay loam dotted with ancient sea shells from when the whole area was under water—only as little as 150 years ago. The weather is cool, foggy, with very good breezes in the afternoon and evening. The soil is difficult and makes the vines struggle; the cool, breezy growing conditions permit leisurely ripening.
The juice was fermented in neutral oak and aged for 6 months before bottling. We succeeded in limiting malo-lactic fermentation and filtered the wine before bottling.
A note on the origin of the name:  The vineyard is really not beautiful, no matter how amazing it is. I love the Delta and all of its absolutely flat and watery grandeur. But it is nothing like a medieval town on a hillside in Alsace. We called the wine “Riquewihr” in a rueful and ironic gesture at the beautiful (in another way) town in Alsace that has the most Grand Cru Gewürztraminer vineyards.
Total production about 120 cases.

2018 Patz & Hall Sonoma Coast Chardonnay - SKU 1603533

Price: $33.00     Your Price: $29.04
Aromas of smoky, toasty oak, fresh buttered toast opulent tropical fruit and mineral highlights on the nose. Lush and fruity on the palate with just the right touch of toasty oak, balanced acidity leading to a long complex finish. Finish 40+ EXCELLENT +

2007 Castello Romitorio Riserva Brunello di Montalcino image
Price: $150.00   Your Price: $132.00
(93+ Points) The estate’s 2007 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva is striking. Dark plums, cherries, mocha, licorice, cloves and sweet French oak notes blossom in the glass. Rich, voluptuous and beautifully balanced, the 2007 impresses for its layered personality, volume and depth. In 2007, the Riserva is all about harmony. Ideally, the wine is best cellared for another year or two, and it should have no problem aging nicely for at least a handful of years after that. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2022.   ~~eRobertParker.com #207, Jun 2013
All Wines | Col Solare Winery
Price: $75.00     Sale Price: $66.00
(96 Points) The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon (97% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Cabernet Franc) reveals a vivid purple/ruby color to go with a young, unevolved bouquet of pure cassis, spicy oak, chocolate, and tobacco. Full-bodied on the palate, it has remarkable tannins, a great mid-palate, and a rare mix of richness and elegance. It needs 4-5 years of bottle age to develop additional complexity, but it has incredible potential and is one head-turning Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.  Jeb Dunnuck

Cavalier Bartolomeo Barolo Altenasso 2015 | Wine.com

Price: $49.50     Your Price: $43.56
A very exotic and spiced bouquet dried rose, petals exotic spices, this is a monopole from Castiglione Falleto and these are 50 year old vines with red cherry liqueur like fruit very concnetrated.  Silky smooth on the tongue with layers of spice, dried rose petal and more lots of spice and some tannins on the finish.  Finish 50+  ONly 9000 bottles  produced  Excellent +
Prosciutto De Parma
Fresh Cut 24 Month Parmesan Reggiano
Parmesan Flan
Fetuccini Alfredo
Parmesan Cheese Cake

This is a seated tasting and is limited to 28 tasters and the fee for this event is $95 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com

A bit about Parmigiano Reggiano

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Parmigiano Reggiano is produced exclusively in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna to the left of the Reno river, and Mantua to the right of the Po river: this is the area hosting the farms where the cattle are fed on locally grown forage. The feeding of cattle complies with the norms of a strict specification that bans the use of silage, fermented feeds and animal flour.
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The milk from the morning and the previous evening is poured into the traditional upturned bell-shaped copper vats. It takes about 550 litres of milk to produce each wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. The milk slowly and naturally coagulates with the addition of rennet and a whey starter, rich in starter cultures, from the previous day’s processing.

The curd which forms is then broken down by the master cheese-maker into minuscule granules using a traditional tool called “spino”.

This is where fire comes into the picture, in a cooking process which reaches 55 degrees centigrade, after which the cheesy granules sink to the bottom of the cauldron forming a single mass.

After about fifty minutes the cheese-maker removes the cheese mass which will give rise to two twin wheels.

Cut into two parts and wrapped in the typical linen cloth, the cheese is then placed in a mould which will give it its final shape.

A casein plate with a unique and sequential alphanumeric code is applied to each wheel: it is its identity card which makes it possible to trace its entire production back to its origins, anytime and anywhere.

After a few hours, a special marking band engraves the month and year of production onto the cheese, as well as its cheese factory registration number and the unmistakable dotted inscriptions around the complete circumference of the cheese wheel.

After a few days, the wheels are immersed in a saturated solution of water and salt: it is a process of salting by osmosis. This last passage closes the production cycle of Parmigiano Reggiano and starts its maturation period.

The story of Parmigiano-Reggiano is a long one, and also a slow one, following the natural rhythm of the seasons.

In fact, the minimum maturation time is 12 months, the longest among all the PDO cheeses, and only at this point can it be decided if each individual wheel is worthy of the name it was given at its birth, and therefore continue the maturation up to 24, 36, 40 months and more.

After 12 months, the Consortium experts carry out a test called “quality inspection” on all the wheels: each wheel is tapped with a hammer and the trained ear of the quality inspector recognises any defects inside the cheese that may compromise quality.

The conforming wheels are marked with the hot-iron brand thus becoming Parmigiano Reggiano. All identifying marks and signs are removed from any wheels which do not meet the PDO requirements.

The quality control identifies three cheese categories:

“first-grade” Parmigiano Reggiano: the cheese that fully complies with the production specifications. It is marked with the hot-iron brand.

“medium-grade” Parmigiano Reggiano: the cheese that shows minor or moderate defects in the structure of its paste and/or on the rind, yet that do not alter the typical organoleptic characteristics of the product. These wheels are marked with the hot-iron brand, but they can be recognised through the parallel grooves engraved all around the cheese rind.

“de-rinded” cheese: the cheese that shows major defects is downgraded by eliminating the marks of origin through the removal of the rind (a few millimetres). Therefore, this cheese cannot be called Parmigiano Reggiano and refer to the PDO in any way.

Starting from the 18th month of maturation, dairies may request the Consortium to affix an additional mark on first-grade Parmigiano Reggiano:

PREMIUM or EXPORT mark: it gives trading companies and consumers a further indication of the quality of Parmigiano Reggiano.

These marks can be affixed also on the packaging of the cheese selected in this way.

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