2014 Janviere Jasnières

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The JASNIERES is a fruity white wine and then wait, renowned as one of the best dry white from France. The Chenin or Pineau de la Loire, also commonly known as "white Pineau," is the only variety that is a component of Jasnières. Vigorous, somewhat producer, it gives white grapes, tight grain, which take beautiful golden color at maturity. His finesse, elegance, originality make it attractive. Its taste characteristic of flintstone is more or less depending on the wines or vintages. On a beautiful golden yellow color, rich bouquets, fresh and floral, it presents a mouth Attack firm but delicate filled with a mellow note that fades slowly. The most remarkable quality of Jasnières is its ability to age for decades, even more than a century, while if abonnissant. It also said the Jasnières that he is the youngest of the wines, because after 10 to 20 years of bottle, it reached its climax, while still very much alive.

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