2010 Bianchi Petite Sirah Paso Robles

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2010 Bianchi Petite Sirah Paso Robles image

Why this variety is called Petite I'll never know. There is nothing small about it. The grape berries are not especially small, the grape clusters can be rather large, and the wine, oh the wine is big, always showing very dark color and beaucoup tactile tannins. Bianchi 2010 Peitie Sirah is an excellent example; perhaps our moniker should be Grand Sirah. After 2 years we transferred our wines from barrel and blended up an exquisite Petite of very dark plum and brick hues with flavors of vanilla, brown spices and earth tones. We wished a touch-o-plum and blueberry flavors as well as a chalky tannin feel so drew out some of our Estate Syrah for the final blend; Layers of Flavors, our modus operandi. Assistant Winemaker Todd has already deemed our 2010 Petite as Reserve level. Thanks to Vineyard Manager Steve and long-term growers Joe and Karen Plummer for grapes that lend especially to our style.

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