2012 Al Cantara Occhi di Ciumi Carricante and Grecanico

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2012 Al Cantara  Occhi di Ciumi Carricante and Grecanico image

White wine made of a blend of the grape varieties Carricante, Grecanico and to a smaller percentage other white grapes.?The grapes are cultivates on the Etna Mountain, in a vineyard with a planting density of 6000 vines per hectare. The cultivation is espallier with Guyot pruning, which facilitates the cultivation performed manually. The ratio for the blend varies from year to year depending on the quality expressed by the individual vines during the year.?The land is mostly volcanic, rich in minerals and skeleton.?The harvest takes place at different times depending on the grape varieties: the grapes hand harvested in small baskets are immediately de-stemmed and placed in the press.?The must is decanted for 24 hours and then purified from the coarser lees is fermented in stainless steel tanks at temperatures of 16-17 ° C for about a week and subsequently the malolactic fermentation takes place.?Before the winter, a final cut is made before aging for about six months on the lees.

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