2012 Deerfield Ranch Winery Chardonnay Los Chamizal Vineyard Sonoma

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This winery has 29 vineyards that grow for them and they own a bit of Syrah, Petite Verdot and Sauvignon Blanc but purchase most of their fruit, the first vintage was made in his garage in 1974. Robert Rex is the mind behind these wines, trained at Berkely as a chemist and a chef at heart. This wine is made utilizing burgundian techniques, battonage until they deem it necessary. Rich tropical fruit with a nice touch of toasty oak, buttered toast with light white floral notes, creme brulee. A good amount of ripe juicy fruit on the tongue with a creamy texture, a nice touch of spice, vanilla and cinnamon, finishing with nice balance and freshness with hints of butter and lightly toasted oak spice. Finish 40+ Excellent

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