2014 Palazzo Right Bank Napa Magnum

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2014 Palazzo Right Bank Napa Magnum image
The new PALAZZO 2014 'Right Bank' RESERVE Proprietary Red Wine continues in the ‘style & legacy’ of the previous 12 vintages that have come before it!

The wine has exceptional character and beauty! Floral and intriguing on the nose, complex & rich with delicious layers of red cherry & blackberry fruit on the palate, and balanced throughout with good acidity, minerality & structure! In essence ... A Great Food Wine!

As always, Merlot makes up the lion’s share of the blend ... giving the wine its sheer power & strength, silky texture, and beautiful layers of rich cherry & blackberry fruit. The Cabernet Franc adds brightness, acidity and ‘floral notes’ to the wine. While the Cabernet Sauvignon adds structure & character ... with hints of dark chocolate, earth, minerality, and cocoa & espresso bean to the finish.

Our goal at PALAZZO WINE is, and always will be, to produce beautiful wines of out- standing quality, with distinction and class! Wines that are both ‘powerful & elegant’ and pair well with a broad range of foods! … Reminiscent of the style and quality of wines that come from the wonderful ‘Right Bank’ region of Bordeaux, France!

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