2011 Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Napa

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An appellation wine that is very limited in this state, showcasing some of the different appellations of Napa. These 2011's have been getting a bad rap and these wines are very forward and have mild tannins so they are drinking very nicely right out of the bottle, this wine has a bit of that Rutherford dust, currant berry fruit and some cigar box spice. This wine has a good amount of dark currant berry fruit , smooth tannins and a nice amount of that rutherford dust and cigar box spice through the finish, wiht good freshness, this is not a wine that needs a lot of cellar time it is already drinking nicely and should age for up to a decade in the cellar but with a few hours drinking very nicely. Finish 45+ Excellent +

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