Fever Tree Bitter Lemon Tonic

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Bitter Lemon was one of the most sophisticated mixers invented. Ignored by the major drinks companies for years, many now have no idea what it is or how to drink it. Well here it is again with a descriptive name – Lemon Tonic. With real lemons, natural botanicals and the sophisticated bite of natural quinine, here is a lemon tonic so good, so clean it was the only drink shortlisted for the NASFT prizes this summer. It is perfect as a mixer for vodka - or as an adulty soft drink on its own.  

- cloudy lemon with fresh lemon juice. No lurid artificial colouring

- clean and fresh with real lemon nose

- Very soft. Subtle and supportive lemon notes balanced by bitterness of natural quinine. The finish is clean with none of the usual cloying mouth feel of other bitter lemons

- high carbonation delivers the aromas and taste in a classic refreshing style

- Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice 3.7%, Citric Acid, natural Flavours, Natural Quinine.

- (Typical Values per 100ml): Energy: 157KJ, 37.6 kcal; Protein: 0.1g: Total Carb: 9.1g; of which sugars: 9.1g: Fat: 0g of which saturates: 0g; Fibre: 0g; Sodium: trace mg.

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