2011 Masi Campolongo Torbe Amarone

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Within Negrar commune, this well-ventilated vineyard has southwest exposure at 375-400 metres elevation, and soil of deep, red eocenic limestone with good drainage, many stones, and beneficial mineral content. Amarone is made with the ancient method of 'appassimento' (drying of the grapes). At end of September or beginning of October, bunches are dried on bamboo racks. By mid-February, the grapes weigh 35-40% less and only Corvina is affected by botrytis. After pressing, the dried grapes are partially de-stemmed, fermented for about 45 days in large Slavonian oak botti, at very cold, natural temperatures until the sugar has completely transformed to alcohol, and malolactic occurs. The wine is aged 3 years: 60% in 30-40 hectoliter Slavonian oak botti; 40% in 600-liter Slavonian and Allier oak casks, new and 1, 2 and 3 yrs. old; minimum 6 months in bottle.


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