2004 Donna Olga Brunello di Montalcino

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2004 Donna Olga Brunello di Montalcino image

This is the Centolani familys top wine and Donna Olga is all about quality. The vineyards are located 5 km away from the ancient walls surrounding Montalcino. The vineyards here are terraced, they slope down from a height of 400 to 270 meters above sea level. The grapes coming from the higher blocks present long lasting perfumes and a sizeable content of acidity that grants a long life to the wine; grapes from the lower blocks have a more marked concentration of tannins and polyphenols that give the wine a velvety and more full-bodied structure. This 2004 vintage Donna Olga wine is starting to come to maturity with a good amount of red cherry and wild plum old leather saddle porcini mushrooms and exotic spices and floral. Still a bit tightly wound at the moment but has all the right stuff just needs a bit more time to come together fully but can be enjoyed today and it also has all the right stuff to last another decade or more in your cellar. Finish 40 Most Excellent

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