Virtual Tasting 4 Pack for Knights Bridge Winery

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2019 Knights Bridge Sauvignon Blanc Knights Valley Pont De Chevalier

Price: $49.50       Sale $43.56

Only 150 cases produced of this Pont de Chevalier fresh melon and fig like fruit with notes of white flowers and very rich and seductive bouquet.  Fat and juicy on the tongue with a smooth creamy texture leaving the tongue salivating for food very refreshing and rich at the same time.  Finish 45+     Excellent +         


2018 Knights Bridge Estate Chardonnay Knights Valley

Price: $27.00       Sale $23.76

A good amount of ripe tree fruit lemon drop candy with a hint of green pea like note here cooler climate chardonnay with a hint of lightly toasted oak spice.  A bright and zesty style of Chardonnay with just a kiss of lightly toasted oak spice only 10 months in oak and a bright refreshing finish a nice touch for briny mineral nuance at the end nicely balanced.  Finish               Excellent             


2016 Knights Bridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Knights Valley

Price: $66.00       Sale $58.08

A good amount of dark currant and black plum fruit here with notes of dark earth and dark chocolate a little Merlot 4% in the Cabernet Sauvignon with a full-bodied bouquet.  A big and chewy Cabernet on the tongue with lots of everything here smooth tannins and nice freshness on the finish.  Finish 40+         Excellent             


2016 Knights Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon Knights Valley               

Price: $123.00    Sale $108.24


A dissimilar bouquet to the Estate only 210 cases produced and there is quite a different level of concentration and richness here and a peppery spice a bit more toasty oak spice, dark currant and plum fruit and this is 100% varietal with lots of everything.  A big and chewy wine with lots of ripe round tannins and multiple layers of fruit, earth and spice and dark coco very long and layered wine on the finish.  Finish 50+ Most Excellent 

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