Virtual Wine Tasting featuring Planeta Winery with Special Guest Alessio Planeta

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 02:00 PM

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Thoughts on the matter: “I like all paintings. I always look at the paintings, good or bad, in barbershops, furniture stores, provincial hotels. I’m like a drinker who needs wine. As long as it is wine, it doesn’t matter which wine.”



Pablo Picasso







It matters which wine to our “Wine Drinking People” at Wine Watch.  We don’t host wine events just to drink wine- it has to be really good wine. 





 Every Wednesday is Virtual Tasting day at Wine Watch!!

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We are hosting virtual tastings every Wednesday on Zoom and Instagram live which will be posted to Instagram TV.  So, if you can’t make it at 2pm to chat with Armando Fumanelli, the owner of Fumanelli Winery in Valpolicella on Wednesday, August 26th you can tune in any time after that by checking out the video posted to Wine Watch’s Instagram page.  The virtual tasting packs are up on our web page under the gift box selections and you can purchase them before the event and taste along with us or purchase them any time after the event until the wines are no longer available and taste the wines and watch the producer interview at your leisure.



Next week, we have our good friend Allessio Planeta here from Planeta Winery in Sicily Italy.  Join us as we welcome one of the top producers from Sicily on Wednesday, September 2nd at 2pm EST.  We will be showing four wines from Planeta Winery and we have a four pack listed on this e-mail and in the Wine Watch gift Box section of the Web page if you want to follow along you can purchase all four wines in one pack or any of the wines individually on our web page just type in Planeta and you will find the selections we are showcasing for the event.



I love Italian wines.  It is hard to believe that when I bought the store 21 years ago we only had 4 different Italian labels on the shelf.  Today, we have one of the greatest collections of Barolos, Barbarescos, Super Tuscans, Chianti, and were just now starting to explore the wines of Sicily, some of the best values in the Italian wine world!



Planeta Wine | Italian winery

Virtual Wine Tasting featuring Planeta Winery

with Special Guest Allessio Planeta

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

2:00 PM

Santa Cecilia Noto D.O.C. | Planeta WineryEruzione 1614 Carricante Sicilia D.O.C. | Planeta WineryCerasuolo di Vittoria Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.O.C.G. | Planeta Winery

Price: $183.00



2016 Planeta Santa Cecilia Noto DOC

2017 Planeta Eruzione 1614 Carricante Etna

2018 Planeta Cerasuolo Di Vittoria Sicily

2018 Planeta Chardonnay Sicily



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Topic: Virtual Wine Tasting Featuring Planeta Winery with Special Guest Allessio Planeta

Time: Sep 2, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)



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A bit about Planeta Winery:



The Planeta family’s journey begins at Sambuca di Sicilia, on the estate which the Planeta family has owned since the 1600s.  Here on Italy’s most enchanting island, three enthusiastic young Sicilians, Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta, began their winemaking venture in the mid-1980s. Subsequent years were spent matching the extraordinarily diverse Sicilian soils with both indigenous and international varieties. Years of careful research paid off when the Planeta wines were met with immediate critical acclaim upon introduction in the U.S. in the late 1990s.



The natural progress of Planeta’s journey necessarily lead to Etna, to the “Muntagna” as it is called, with respect, by its inhabitants. A fascinating terroir with great potential, where Sicily is shown in a unique manner resulting from the area’s soil and microclimate.  These elements inspired Planeta from the beginning with an environment different from what they were used to. Harvests at the end of October, cool – if not downright cold temperatures and thus different wines, different aromas and a completely different approach. 



When I visited Mount Etna Allessio Planeta met us out in the vineyard at the new winery on Mount Etna to show our group of 16 traveling on a Silver Seas Cruise his new vineyards and the winery which would be used for the first time that year.  The vineyards up on Mount Etna are some of the most unique that I have ever been to with unique indigenous varietals like Nerello Mascalese for the red and Carricante for the white, most wine drinking people have never of these varietals. 



The Carricante can be a rich full bodied white with lots of minerality from the unique volcanic soils, of which there are two types.  One is a combination of lava and rock and the other type featured the grey volcanic ash and rock soils.  There are places in the vineyards where there is just a huge smattering of rocks which looks like they were just thrown there from the last time the volcano went off.  It looks more like a scene from mars that wine country.



Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in the world with a height of nearly 4000 meters, it is also active and regularly goes off and spews volcanic ash into the air. 



The Planeta Family owns 15 hectares on Etna and this is one of the most substantial sized vineyards in the area with a production of 100,000 cases total with all of the five wineries.  This is the newest one and with this one completed it gives them representation in all five of the different wine producing area on the island.  Although this is a small island they are all distinctly different, giving you a taste of the best that Sicily has to offer.  What is next for the Planeta family?  There are a few new projects like a hotel and plans for more agro tourism to further enhance your visit to this historic island.  If you are going to Sicily check out the accommodations that Planeta winery offers today.



The area is extraordinarily rich with minerals and black lava sand like the stones of the local old buildings and terraces.  The Planeta family has five wineries on the island of Sicily and this one is produced at their Feudo di Mezzo winery, situated in the heart of Etna viticulture. It comes from Nerello Mascalese grapes, and from the search for a modern expression of this noble grape variety cultivated in the unique and splendid terroir of Etna. 



All the wines from Planeta Winery:



2019 Planeta Rose Sicily D.O.C. image



2019 Planeta Rose Sicily D.O.C.

Price: $15.75           Your Price: $13.86 Quantity in Stock: 5



50% Nero d’Avola 50% Syrah



Our Rosè, fresh and fruity, represents all the feelings of a Sicilian summer. Its colour is that of a summer sunset. The fresh aromas of strawberry make it a marvellously friendly wine, and easy to drink. Enjoy Planeta’s Rosè in good company, as an aperitif with tapas, raw fish, fresh salads or alone with seasonal fruit.



La Segreta Grillo Sicilia DOC 2018, Planeta



2018 Planeta La Segreta Grillo IGT Sicilia

Price: $13.50           Your Price: $11.88



One glass of La Segreta Grillo, and you’ll instantly be transported to Sicily. This light and airy wine is made from 100% Grillo grapes, native to Sicily. On the nose, you’ll instantly get a hit of the variety aromas of citrus, white peaches, grapefruit and other tropical fruits. This wine makes an excellent aperitif.

La Segreta Il Bianco sa

2019 Planeta La Segreta Bianco IGT Sicilia

Price: $11.75           Your Price: $10.34 Quantity in Stock: 6



50% Grecanico 30% Chardonnay 10% Viognier 10% Fiano

La Segreta takes its name from the woods which surround our vineyard at Ulmo. This young fresh wine principally produced from Grecanico grapes gains personality and style with the addition of some international variety grapes. All grapes are knowledgeably cultivated in the vineyards owned by Planeta. La Segreta is a versatile companion for everyday drinking and appropriate for many different occasions. It is the perfect approach to Sicilian wine, with its excellent relationship between quality and price, guaranteed by the Planeta family’s patient input, from vine to wine.





2018 Planeta Etna Bianco Sicily

Price: $29.25           Your Price: $25.74



(91 Points) The 2018 Etna Bianco has a beautifully polished and glossy approach with star jasmine, bergamot, lemon blossom and lighter tones of crushed stone and ash. The wine is extremely linear, tight and fresh with a lovely progression of aromas that recalls the precision, brightness and lightness you get from this unique white grape on the volcanic soils of Etna. With 70,000 bottles made, this should be an easy wine to locate.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate



Eruzione 1614 Carricante Sicilia D.O.C. | Planeta Winery



2016 Planeta Eruzione 1614 Carricante

Price: $38.25           Your Price: $33.66 Quantity in Stock: 14



A bit higher elevation than the first this one is in direct lava Flow and faces SW instead of NE, a very intense minerality on the nose with that waxy honey and almond notes to the ripe tree fruit, this wine has a very intense minerality to the finish, very long and layered.   Excellent +       






2017 Planeta Eruzione 1614 Carricante Etna

Price: $38.25           Your Price: $33.66



(93 Points) This is a blend of 90% Carricante that has been enhanced with 10% Riesling. It is amazing how much range, dimension, depth and overall definition that small percentage of Riesling brings to the table. These two grapes find remarkable harmony in the 2017 Sicilia Carricante Eruzione 1614. The clarity and precise nature of those linear and almost-salty mineral notes found in Carricante are embellished and reinforced by subtle tones of petrol, ginger and beeswax that come from the Riesling. Together, these grapes make for beautiful and impactful aromatic intensity. Some 60,000 bottles were produced.  Robert Parker's Wine Advocate



Cometa Sicilia Menfi D.O.C. | Planeta Winery



2018 Planeta Cometa Fiano Sicily

Price: $41.25           Your Price: $36.30



100% Fiano

A great white wine from southern Italian grapes, able to compare with the world’s great white wines; this was the initial project. Thus began the experiments with Fiano, an ancient noble variety from Campania, in the 1990’s. And so Cometa was born, expressing the best in an original and unique way, of the characteristics of this extraordinary vine. Intense and fruity aromas, its great structure and minerals today make it one of southern Italy’s points of reference for white wine.



2018 Planeta Chardonnay Sicily image



2018 Planeta Chardonnay Sicily

Price: $42.75           Your Price: $37.62



Single-variety Chardonnay whose characteristics which have madeit so famous which here emerge very clearly. Starting from therichness of its deep clear golden but transparent color one imaginesthe pleasing contrast of creaminess and crispness in the taste. It isindeed a soft white wine underlaid by a refreshing acid vein whichaccompanies each mouthful. A slight mineral suggestion combinesharmoniously with the flavour of ripe yellow peaches, acacia honeyand marzipan and with some peaty, cereal and toasted aromaswhich precede the powerful balanced finish. For a change, try it withsome just seared foie gras or with roast veal and mushroom sauce



2016 Planeta Chardonnay Didacus Sicily

Price: $104.75        Your Price: $92.18



A pure expression of Chardonnay executed in a beautifully Burgundian style, complete with a sunny Sicilian twist. The wine shows precision and focus, yet it offers a generous array of stone fruit and floral aromas along the way. As the wine takes on more weight in the glass, it begins to reveal rounder and more opulent tones of Sicilian almond, candied fruit, orange peel, anise seed, and salty mineral tones that recall the soft sea breezes that wash gently over Menfi in the southern part of the island.





2018 Planeta La Segreta Rosso DOC Sicilia

Price: $11.25           Your Price: $9.90



50% Nero d’Avola 25% Merlot 20% Syrah 5% Cabernet Franc

La Segreta takes its name from the woods which surround our Ulmo vineyard. This young fresh wine principally produced from Nero d’Avola grapes, flagship of Sicilian wine, gains its personality and style with the addition of some international grapes. All the vines are knowledgeably cultivated in vineyards owned by Planeta. La Segreta is a versatile companion for daily drinking, suitable for many different occasions. It is a perfect approach to Sicilian wine with its excellent relationship between price and quality, guaranteed by Planeta’s careful input from vine to wine.





2018 Planeta Cerasuolo Di Vittoria Sicily

Price: $21.50           Your Price: $18.92



An extremely gastronomic version of Cerasuolo which we like very much for its meaty peppery notes. An intriguing wine with an extraordinary vital energy based on wild fruits, wild strawberries, mulberry and pomegranate. In the mouth the wine reflects its olfactory impressions and thus we happily re-encounter the black pepper mixed with carob and sweet cherries. Quick on the palate with a very savoury rounded finish with hints of mulberry.



Blend: 60% Nero d’Avola, 40% Frappato

Planeta Nero d'Avola Noto 2016 wine from



2016 Planeta Nero d'Avola Noto Sicily

Price: $23.50           Your Price: $20.68



A lovely nose of mulberry and blackberry aromas lead way to a wine with vibrant acidity. Spice, balsamic notes and dark fruit elegantly mingle on the palate and lead way to a juicy finish. This is an excellent representation of the Nero d'Avola grape – grown in Noto, the best place in the world to produce this wine.



2017 Planeta Nero D'Avola La Segreta Sicily

Price: $13.50           Your Price: $11.88



An intensely vivid ruby color. On the nose aromas of redcurrant and mulberry with a slightly spicy and minty finish. In the mouth the wine demonstrates its fine personality with flavors of ripe wild fruits, balanced by a very pleasant full and herbal taste. The tannins are soft and smooth conferring a very versatile character to this red wine.

Blend: 50% Nero d’Avola 25% Merlot 20% Syrah 5% Cabernet Franc



2018 Planeta Etna Rosso image



2018 Planeta Etna Rosso

Price: $29.25           Your Price: $25.74 Quantity in Stock: 9



Vanilla, sour cherry, wild strawberry, a very clean floral effect.In the mouth substantial but smooth. Very expressive fruit with more complex aromatic elements of undergrowth, myrtle and oriental spices. A wine which unexpectedly transforms into a champion of drinkable red wine with marked savoury flavour and a tasting profile produced by a ferrous touch, rhubarb and very evident black pepper. A wine for everyday drinking.





2016 Planeta Santa Cecilia Noto DOC

Price: $45.00           Your Price: $39.60



Santa Cecilia is our highlight from the most important Sicilian grape variety, Nero d’Avola. Our long research into finding the best place to produce a great wine from this grape brought us to Noto, where the DOC Noto insists that the variety originates, at the southern extremity of Sicily. With its white soils and its ancient vines this is the epicentre of cultivation for Nero d’Avola. Santa Cecilia is an expression of elegance, power, balance and eminence of the unique aromas of Sicily, and today is the reference point for red wines produced from indigenous Sicilian grapes. Its name derives from that of our family: Planeta di Santa Cecilia.



2017 Planeta Nerello Mascalese Eruzione 1614 Etna image



2017 Planeta Nerello Mascalese Eruzione 1614 Etna

Price: $38.25           Your Price: $33.66



Grown at 870m altitude on Mt Etna. Looks and smells a little like a Pinot Noir: transparent red and redcurrant and wild thyme aroma. Very herby on the palate, with more redcurrant and elderberry fruit. Crisp acidity, dry yet light tannin and a complex, savoury finish.



2014 Planeta Burdese Sicily image



2014 Planeta Burdese Sicily

Price: $41.25           Your Price: $36.30



A blend of 70/30 Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, dark cherry liqueur, sweet tobacco, a bit of a wild game like character along with violet floral notes. Nice structure here on the tongue with big tannins and lots of dark berry fruit along with that wild character, dark spices. Finish 50+ Most Excellent



Maroccoli Sicilia Menfi D.O.C. | Planeta Winery



2013 Planeta Syrah Sicily

Price: $41.25           Your Price: $36.30

Syrah is a noble Mediterranean grape which gives of its best in bright dry places like our Sicily. Because of this we have a great belief in the future of this variety in our island. This interpretation of Syrah is produced in a modern style, respecting all the characteristics of the vine, from an extraordinary vineyard – Maroccoli at about 400 metres, in an unspoilt area. Powerful and impenetrable, this is a wine destined for long aging.


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