Marchesi Di Barolo Dinner at WWWB with special guest Valentina Abbona

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 07:30 PM

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"Wine is dead." - Aimé Guibert

Who is this person Aime Guibert and to start such a horrible rumor!! There should be some punishment to Aime for starting this rumor- unless of course he is already dead.

This is one of the historic properties of the Piedmont and we are always happy to help spread the word about these wines whenever we have one of our friends who specialize in the Nebbiolo varietal in town.

A few years ago we did a dinner with Anna Abonna and she was so impressed with the food and our wine drinking people she said that she would be back to repeat the performance the next time they were in town.  This year we have the next generation from this famous property located in the town of Barolo in to share the word about this noble wine producing region.

Toni Lampasone has put together an incredible menu to accompany the wines and we have Valentina Abbona here to tell us the story of the Marchesi Di Barolo Winery.  This dinner is $115 + Tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail

Marchesi Di Barolo Dinner at WWWB with special guest Valentina Abbona
Thursday, September 14, 2017
7:30 PM




2015 Marchesi Di Barolo Gavi
Price: $21.00    Sale $18.48    Case $215

The grapes come from vineyards grown on the hills of average slope, formed by fine fractions of rock marls: silt and sand. Clay helps for its concentration of mineral salts, to give the wine a remarkable structure.

201? Marchesi di Barolo Barbera Maraia     
Price: $14.25    Sale $12.54    Case $146

2015 Marchesi Di Barolo Barbera Ruvei     
Price: $21.00    Sale $18.48    Case $215


2013 Marchesi Di Barolo Barbaresco     
Price: $50.50    Sale $44.44    Case $515

2011 Marchesi Di Barolo Barolo   
2010 Marchesi Di Barolo Barolo    
Price: $52.50    Sale $46.20    Case $536

2011 Marchesi Di Barolo Barolo Cannubi  (Magnum)
2011 Marchesi Di Barolo Barolo Cannubi   
Price: $111.00    Sale $97.68    Case $1132
2010 Marchesi Di Barolo Barolo Cannubi   
Price: $111.00    Sale $97.68    Case $1132


201? Marchesi Di Barolo Moscato D'Asti
Price: $19.50    Sale $17.16    Case $199


Dinner is $115 + Tax + Gratuity, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail



A bit about the Town of Barolo:


In the Western Langhe, at about 13 km from Alba, is placed the village that gave the name to the “King of the wines” and that is considered the heart of its whole production. Barolo is a small hilltop village, surrounded by vineyards that every day renew the emotion of the life, whether you are in the sunlight or in the secret dark of some cellar. The property of the “Marchesi di Barolo” is placed in this idyllic atmosphere, where its historical vineyards reinforced by the time-expired and harmoniously pictured on the hills, find, every day, a confirmation for the quality of its grapes and wines.


Barolo is not only known for the production of its high quality wine, but also for its history rich of art and culture. The two magnificent castles located in the village are its symbols. The main manor of the village, the “Barolo Castle”, was a stronghold during the Saracen invasion of the X century. In the 1250 the castle became feud of the powerful Falletti family, the Marquis of Barolo, who owned at that time, more than twenty castles and fortresses. In the 1970, after a financial competition called by Barolo population, the castle became property of the municipal administration that decided to turn it into a public structure in the service of the Alba area. Nowadays, it hosts the “Regional Enoteca”, supported by the 11 villages of the Barolo municipality and by a professional hotel school. All the rooms were restructured and now they are open for public visits and wine-tastings. Ethnographic shows that represent jobs and techniques tied to the viticulture and to the wine processes, are the perfect frame for these public events.

 In the square in front of the castle there is the Romanesque “Parrocchiale di San Donato”, an old chapel owned by the Falletti family. Successively, it was enlarged for the public cult. Below the presbytery is in fact placed the sepulcher of all the ancient tenants, from the end of the 1500 to the extinction of the family.

The other manor, the “Volta Castle”, is located between the villages of Novello and La Morra. An old legend narrates that an inhabitant of this castle was used to lead a dissolute life and open its magnificent halls to joyful banquets. A night, after that a lavish dinner was transformed into an orgy, the floor of the “mirrors room” collapsed and the abyss got down all the sinners. Even now, it is told that plaints and shouts can be heard under the old walls and that strange flames can be seen run through the uninhabited halls.

In the vicinity of Barolo, the ancient “Oratorio di San Pietro delle Viole” opens to incredible sceneries that allow to admire the characteristic slow dance of the hilltops: they come one after the other without break.

For almost the entire year, Barolo and Vergne are enlivened by feast days. The cultural and recreational meetings held in the “Barolo Castle”, are periodical appointments. The second Sunday of September there is the “Barolo wine feast”, an ambitious happening that brings together historical customs shows, national contests and a great number of “madonnari” who compete drawing Bacco’s emotions.

 The Cellars of Marchesi di Barolo are located in the village of Barolo, overlooking the castle of the Marquis Falletti.

 In fact, the building which today houses the winery also belonged to the Marquis Falletti and became, upon the extinction of this prestigious dynasty, the site of the charitable foundation called Opera Pia Barolo.


La Marchesa Giulia Vittorina Colbert di Maulévrier


The Marquise Giulia Vittorina Colbert di Maulévrier, great-grandaughter of the Finance Minister to the Sun King, was born in the Maulévrier Castle in Vandee, France, June 26, 1786 and, in 1806 in Paris, married the Marquis Carlo Tancredi di Barolo.

Once settled in the Palazzo Barolo in Turin, Giulia and her husband worked incessantly to realize ambitious projects geared towards helping the city’s most needy.

 In his book “The Land of Barolo,” Cannon Domenico Massè refers to: “...that type of wine, that goes today by the name of Barolo, made by the Marchesi of Barolo at the beginning of the 1800s, which they produced with all due care on their vast estate at Barolo… In addition to the Marchesi Falletti, another person who made a major contribution to the fame of Barolo was Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, who brought Count Louis Odart to his castle at Grinzane to fabricate the famous Barolo that he served at his diplomatic lunches to the inevitable delight and admiration of his discerning guests”.

 Commendator Emilio Pietro Abbona


With the demise of Marquise Giulia Colbert di Maulèvrier in 1864, the line of the Falletti of Barolo came to an end, but her legacy was perpetuated by the still-extant charitable foundation Opera Pia Barolo. At about this very same time, Pietro Abbona was born and, in 1895, began working in the family’s winecellars in Barolo. Thanks to his hard work, tenacity and skill, he was eventually able to acquire the cellars of the Marchesi di Barolo estate, along with the vineyards and the La Volta Castle.

 Thus Massimo Martinelli, in his book Barolo As I Know It, says: “Of the personages connected with the name Barolo, some may be considered of historic importance, real and true pioneers...(of these) people first place goes to Pietro Abbona, undisputed patriarch of Barolo...who, as an unquestionable stand-bearer, made the wine of his region known throughout the world. It was from his winery that Barolo made its first historic steps. His large wood casks (some of which one can still be admired today in the cellars in Barolo) were in fact part of the legacy of the Marquise Falletti. Commendatore Abbona inheredited a longstanding tradition, a love of the vineyards, the wineries and wine itself, and he brought his label displaying the castles of Barolo and Serralunga to the furthest tables. And it is with pleasure that we recall this great contribution.”

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