Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Vertical Champagne Tasting

Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 07:30 PM

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"You have only so many bottles in your life, never drink a bad one."
Len Evans



It’s Champagne season with out big annual Champagne and Sparkling wine tasting coming up in just over a month on Friday November 15th.  This is one of our biggest wine tastings of the year and we will have close to 100 different Champagnes and Sparkling wines on hand this evening.  This will be the first big tasting in the new store with everything now in place it will be a good opportunity to come down and check out the Wine Cave and Wine Bar as this event will be hosted in both locations and the new patio space in the back is now complete!


We have had several warm-up Champagne tastings to get ready for this event, but this will be the last.  On Thursday October 17th we will host Champagne Laurent Perrier in the store to get ready for the biggest bubbly event in South Florida!


Today, the rage with Champagne aficionados is small grower producers but one of my favorite statements to make about Champagne is "there is no BAD Champagne".  There are a lot of great small producers’ Champagnes now available in the U.S.  but some of our old favorites are still making outstanding bubbles like Laurent Perrier. 

We will be the first to taste the latest release of the Tête de cuvée from this famous Champagne house the “Grand Siècle” which now has an edition number on the bottling.  This great marquee Champagne has always been a blend of three great vintages from 10-12 of the 17 grand cru villages of Champagne but now they will put that information on the label so our “Champagne drinking people”  will know which edition of Grand Siècle they are drinking and what three vintages are that are in the bottle. 

Join us as we showcase the newest release of Grand Siècle along with five past releases several of which will be served from magnum.  The price for this wine tasting which includes dinner is $195 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail

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Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle Champagne Tasting
Thursday, October 17th, 2019
7:30 PM


Laurent Perrier Blanc De Blancs Champagne Brut Nature
Price: $90.00  Sale $79.20

Laurent-Perrier has always selected Chardonnay as the dominant grape variety in all its white cuvées and has been a pioneer of the Brut Nature category since 1981.

By perfecting its knowledge of this style of vinification and with careful aging of this variety in stainless steel vats it has enabled Laurent-Perrier to create a Blanc de Blancs Nature.

Grape variety: Chardonnay 100%
Crus: Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs: Avize, Cramant, Oiry, Chouilly.
Chardonnay from the Montagne de Reims: Tours-sur-Marne, Villers-
Marmery, Rilly La Montagne.

A perfect balance between the wines of the harvest and the reserve wines
is required before entering the cellar. After cellar aging, the wine is disgorged without any dosage and benefits from a few more months rest in the cellars before being released on the market.

Image result for MV Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Grand Cuvee Champagne Brut

Grand Siècle expresses the quintessence of champagne and French refinement

Launched in 1959, Grand Siècle is Laurent-Perrier’s Prestige Cuvée, the prime example of the House’s exacting standards and know-how. Its unique style combining finesse, power and balance is the outcome of blending the very best grapes from the most prestigious crus in wines from the best Laurent-Perrier vintage years.  All the new releases of the Grand Siecle will have an edition number on the bottle so you will know the three vintages that make up the blend.

Majority of Chardonnay 55%*Pinot Noir 45%*Crus: Grand Siècle is elaborated from a selection of 11 of the 17 Grands Crus of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pinot Noir Grands Crus including Ambonnay, Bouzy and Mailly.Chardonnay Grands Crus including Avize, Cramant and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. Aged: for a minimum of 20 years.


MV Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Grand Cuvee Champagne Brut
#20 (96,97,99) Magnum
Price: $375.00          Sale $330.00

MV Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Grand Cuvee Champagne Brut
#22 (99,02,04) Magnum
Price: $375.00          Sale $330.00

MV Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Grand Cuvee Champagne Brut
#23 (02, 04, 06)
Price: $125.00          Sale $110.00

MV Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Grand Cuvee Champagne Brut
#24 (04,06,07)
Price: $150.00          Sale $132.00

MV Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Grand Cuvee Champagne Brut
# 17 (90,93,95)
Price: $1575.00       Sale $1386.00

MV Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle Grand Cuvee Champagne Brut Magnum
# 17 (90,93,95)
Price: $3450.00       Sale $3046.45


Shoestring French Fries with Lemon Ginger Gremolata
Baby Red Bliss potatoes filled with American Sturgeon Caviar
Tuna Poke with Hawaiian Sea Salt, Lime, coconut and cilantro
Seared Hudson Valley Foie Fras with Sautéed wild Mushrooms on Brioche Toast
Candied Lemon Drop LP Champagne Sorbet with Mint
A5 Wagyu Kobe Filet Mignon Sashimi with Ponzu Orange Dipping Sauce

The fee for this tasting which includes dinner is $195 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail


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A bit about Champagne Laurent Perrier:


A family of coopers founded this estate back in 1812.  They eventually became tired of seeing other growers’ wine in their casks and decided to move from their native town of Chigny-les-Roses on the Montagne de Reims to set up shop in the remains of an eleventh century abbey at Tours-sur-Marne.  This turned out to be an excellent move, when the echelle des crus system was put into place in 1919 (the system was delimitated in 1919 and imposed by 1944), all of the vineyards in this town were awarded grand and premier cru status.  It is this system that sets the standards for vineyards in Champagne and unlike the vineyard classification system in Burgundy and Bordeaux vineyards are reclassified, up graded and given new status on a regular basis. 

Eugene Laurent inherited the firm from his parents and ran it until his death in 1887.  At that time Mathilde Emile Perrier, Eugene’s widow took over the firm and changed its name to Veuve Laurent Perrier.  When she passed away without heirs in 1925 the firm went up for sale.  Ironically, another widow, Marie-Louise de Nonancourt (the sister of Victor and Henri Lanson) purchased the marque in 1938.  Women have played an important role in the history of the champagne industry, a wine which we might term essentially feminine.  This was confirmed by the Marquise de Pompadour, with her intelligent sensitivity to things of this nature.  Some other illustrious widows; Bollinger, Pommery, Harriot and Heidsieck.  The house of Laurent Perrier never really saw its true potential until after the World War II, when Bernard de Nonancourt (the son of Marie Louise) took the firm over.  At that time Laurent-Perrier was ranked a mere ninety-eighth amongst the Champagne houses.  Bernard undertook a major renovation of the firm and brought its vineyards back to their former state of excellence.

The house owns vineyards in Avise, Bouzy, Cramant, & Louvois (a tiny growing region).  The wines from Bouzy add great weight and extraction and richness of flavor.  This powerful Pinot bouquet is heightened by high alcohol content.  There is something spectacular about the chardonnay from Cramant, a certain perfumed characteristic indigenous in the grapes grown here they are one of the purest expressions of this grape in all of Champagne.  Creamy and rich, laden with fruit, this is terroir supreme

The estate now produces around 583,000 cases annually; they have one of the top Non-Vintage Brut Roses in the business.  Laurent Perrier’s Tete du Cuvee blend is Grand Siecle (the great century), this cuvee is in the same league as the great Champagne houses marque wines like Louis Roederer’s Crystal and Perrier Jouet’s Belle Epoche.  The firms’ prestige cuvee Rose is the Cuvee Grand Siecle Alexandra Rose.  This wine offers delightfully scented citrus, vanilla, smoke with notes of beaked bread.  This firm belongs in the company of all these fine producers. 

In the 17th Century, during the reign of Louis XIV, France enjoyed its most illustrious era. Louis XIV became known as the "Sun King" for his benevolence and his patronage of the Arts, which became the foundation of France's rich artistic heritage. At the Palace of Versailles Louis XIV was the first French King to drink Champagne.  Louis XIV's era became known as the Grand Siècle - the "Great Century". Bottled in a replica of a 17th Century bottle evoking the radiance of that period, Laurent-Perrier's prestige cuvées embody luxury, magnificence and elegance fit for a king.

When it came to his prestige cuvée, Bernard de Nonancourt decided to highlight two of Champagne's traditional realms of proficiency: the blending of different crus and different vintages. Grand Siècle "La Cuvée" is the epitome of Champagne cuvées, as it blends complementary wines from Laurent-Perrier's very best growths and most successful vintage years.  Grand Siècle is made with a pinot noir and chardonnay blend, with the latter being slightly dominant. Twelve of the most prestigious villages supply these grapes; all of them classified at 100% Grands Crus such as Ambonnay, Verzenay, Mailly, Avize, Cramant, Chouilly and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. Within the vineyards of these villages, only the very best plots are selected, as are the finest musts from the pressings. The blended wine is then aged during the second fermentation on the yeast for approximately five years.

It has a bright color, with a brilliant yellow hue. Its subtle aromas of honey, hazelnuts, grilled almonds and brioche, make this the perfect companion for refined dishes. It pairs just as well with poultry and truffles as it does with veal and morel mushrooms.


All the Laurent Perrier in the store:

Image result for NV Laurent-Perrier 'La Cuvée' Brut Champagne

NV Laurent-Perrier "La Cuvée" Brut Champagne
Price: $45.00    Sale $39.60

NV Laurent-Perrier "La Cuvée" Brut Champagne Magnum
Price: $85.50    Sale $75.24

NV Laurent-Perrier "La Cuvée" Brut Champagne 3 Liter
Price: $337.50    Sale $297.00

N/V Laurent-Perrier "La Cuvée" Brut Champagne (375ML)
N/V Laurent-Perrier
Price: $22.25    Your Price: $19.58

N/V Laurent-Perrier "La Cuvée" Brut Champagne (187ml)
Price: $13.25    Your Price: $11.66


"La Cuvée is the new, shiny, rebranded Brut NV, only just launched. In 2004 Laurent-Perrier got access to quite a large bit of good Chardonnay vineyards, and this set in motion a 13-year plan to adapt and 'enhance' the LP Brut. 55% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir, 10% Pinot Meunier from 110 growers. Base vintage 2012 with 30% reserve wine. They've dropped the dosage from 12.5 g/l to 9 g/l, and the wine spends four years on the lees. Pale colour. Lemon shortbread nose, the tiniest hint of marzipan, verbena. Needle-fine mousse and intense, sharpened, lemon-sherbet acidity. Very pointed, with a bit of lemon-bon-bon sweetness on the finish. Razor-sharp finish. Elegant, angular, classic. (TC) (6/2017) Jancis Robinson"

NV Laurent Perrier Brut Ultra Champagne image

NV Laurent Perrier Brut Ultra Champagne
Price: $64.50   Your Price: $56.76      Quantity in Stock: 2

This truly unique Champagne is made without the addition of any sugar (dosage). In the 19th Century, Laurent-Perrier was well known for our "Grand Vin sans Sucre" and is now one of the last Champagne houses to still produce a Champagne of this type. The grapes selected for this wine have a natural acid/sugar balance, so even when fermented to complete dryness no dosage is required. The wine ages on its lees for at least four years and upon disgorging is topped off with wine from the same cuvee. No sugar whatsoever is added to Laurent-Perrier Ultra-Brut at any time.
An incredibly versatile Champagne, L-P Ultra-Brut matches well with everything from fresh goat cheese to sushi. The classic and unparalleled food pairing is with oysters.
Appearance: Lipid, bright yellow with a fine bead.
Nose: Intense and forward, with citrus and honeysuckle notes and a unique mineral component, oftentimes likened to a fresh sea breeze.
Taste: Surprising depth and power with a purity and concentration of flavor all its own. Amazingly well balanced and absolutely bone dry.
Blend: 55% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir


Image result for Laurent-Perrier Brut Millesime Champagne 2007

2007 Laurent-Perrier Brut Millesime Champagne
Price: $64.50    Your Price: $56.76     Quantity in Stock: 8

Laurent-Perrier has chosen to make vintages very rarely, only selecting the very best years. This makes the Brut Millesime a rare and outstanding wine that clearly expresses the specific character of a year in the Laurent-Perrier style.

The year 2007 began with an unusually mild winter and was followed by a warm spring. The picking started early in late August with a generous harvest of grapes of great maturity and quality.

2008 Laurent Perrier Millesime Brut Champagne
Price: $67.50    Your Price: $59.40
2008 Laurent Perrier Millesime Brut Champagne Magnum
Price: $ 135.00   Your Price: $118.80


(93 Points) The 2008 Brut Millésimé opens in the glass with lovely aromas of lemon oil, green apple, warm biscuits, iodine and mandarin. On the palate, the wine is medium to full-bodied, deep and seamless, with an elegantly layered core, a fine, pinpoint mousse and racy balancing acids, concluding with a long and incipiently biscuity finish. This is a classy vintage Champagne that will develop beautiful complexity in the cellar. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate


Image result for NV Laurent Perrier Rose Brut Champagne

NV Laurent Perrier Rose Brut Champagne
Price: $80.25    Sale $70.62

NV Laurent Perrier Rose Brut Champagne Magnum
Price: $183.00    Sale $161.04

The Cuvée Rosé from Laurent-Perrier is the most recognized rosé champagne in the world. It is also one of the few rosés still made by the saignée method. Held in an elegant bottle inspired by King Henri IV, it has been widely acknowledged for its consistent high quality for more that 40 years, and it is the benchmark for rosé champagne around the world.

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé is truly remarkable for its highly expressive bouquet, stemming from very careful preservation of fresh fruit aromas during the wine making. Made with 100% Pinot Noir from 10 different "crus " (or villages), from the North and South areas of the Montagne de Reims, as well as the famous Cote de Bouzy. Grapes from carefully selected plots are meticulously sorted and de-stemmed before going into the vats, and the controlled maceration helps with the color extraction and the development of the full aromatic richness of the Pinot Noir.

Laurent Perrier Rose NV Champagne Constellation 75cl

NV Laurent Perrier Rose NV Champagne Constellation
Price: $93.00    Your Price: $81.84

Laurent-Perrier Rose NV Champagne Constellation 75cl is the newest and latest limited-edition to the Laurent-Perrier Rosé Champagne. The Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier bottle, with its generous, curvaceous lines, is unique – an invitation to self-indulgence, encased in a very special robe which reflects the attention to detail that goes into the making of this cuvee rosé whilst adding a sparkle to the bottle and a sublime touch to its serving.

As the long-established flagship rosé champagne, Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier embodies the unique know-how of the House of Laurent-Perrier.


2004 Laurent Perrier Cuvee Alexandra Rose Champagne image
2004 Laurent Perrier Cuvee Alexandra Rose Champagne
Price: $360.00 Your Price: $316.80    Quantity in Stock: 4

 (96 points) Tasted from magnum, the 2004 Grande Cuvée Rosé Alexandra, Laurent-Perrier’s flagship Rosé is a blend of 80% Pinot Noir (on the skins) and 20% Chardonnay vinified together that has only been bottled seven times since 1982. From the very first taste, the 2004 is utterly spectacular. Rich, ample and vertical in feel, the 2004 is dazzling. Dried rose petal, star anise, tobacco, dried flowers, red berry fruit and earthy notes all grace this utterly exquisite Champagne. As good as the 2004 is today – and it is fabulous – it will be even better in another few years’ time. The 2004 has been nothing short of magnificent on both occasions I have tasted it so far. (AG) (7/2019)  Vinous



NV Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi Sec Champagne image

NV Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi Sec Champagne
Price: $45.00   Your Price: $39.60      Quantity in Stock: 4
NV Laurent Perrier Harmony Demi Sec Champagne (375ml)
Price: $22.25    Your Price: $19.58

This non-vintage Champagne is a blend of 45% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir and 15% Meunier and is the same wine as the LP Brut, except for a large increase in dosage.  The Brut has about 12 grams per liter, while the demi-sec has 45 grams.


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