1997 Versus 1998 Italian Tasting at WWWB

Friday, May 25, 2018 - 07:30 PM

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Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.




We have another short week of tastings at the Wine Bar and with only two events coming up next week.  Every night we have an event we are also open for regular wine drinking business and a new menu from Toni every week that will highlight the items that we are serving at our events. 


The 1998 vintage is now at 20 years of age and it’s time to see how the top wines from this vintage are drinking now.  As I have stated many times we are doing serious wine drinking research here at the Wine Watch and every year we focus on tasting wines that are 10 and 20 years of age but after checking to see all the 1998’s that we had in stock from Italy I also noticed that we have a lot of 1997 vintage wines and several of the same exact wines so I came up with the idea of showing the exact same wines from 1997 alongside these 1998’s That’s why we do these tastings- scientific wine research!!


Join us as we experience wines that are 20 and 21 years old from Tuscany and the Piedmont, both of these vintages are now fully mature and we would like to see which vintage is drinking better today.  This tasting is limited to 16 tasters and the fee for this event is $125 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com.


For those of you that know someone that was born in 1997 or 1998 and you would like to get them a special bottle to drink on their 21st Birthday we have included a list of everything we have from both of these excellent vintages in the store on this offering.





1997 VS 1998 Italian Tasting at WWWB
Friday May 25th


Image result for 1997 La Palazza Sangiovese Riserva 'Pruno'


1997 La Palazza Sangiovese Riserva "Pruno"
Price: $65.00   Sale $57.20

1998 La Palazza Sangiovese Riserva " Pruno"
Price: $40.00   Sale $35.20

Pruno is our Cru of Sangiovese 100%, it’s the family flagship wine. It comes from a extremely strict selection of the best Sangiovese grapes. It is bottled unfiltered so the great terroir of Predappio can reach its highest expression.
Image result for 1997 Eraldo Viberti Barolo


1997 Eraldo Viberti Barolo
Price: $120.00 Sale $105.60

1998 Eraldo Viberti Barolo
Price: $108.00 Sale $95.04

Morello cherries mingle with cigar wrapper, tarry earth, prunes, truffles and spice in this elegant, finessed, and traditional ’98 Barolo from Eraldo Viberti. Tertiary notes are peeping out, but this wine has a beautiful core of vibrant minerality that propels it across the palate with considerable energy. Velvety and complex, this wine glides across the palate and scatters copious polished tannins as it builds to a persistent, nuanced finish. Deriving from three La Morra vineyards that total six acres and sport tufaceous and clay marl, the organically tended grapes ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel for about thirty days, and the wine ages for two years in barrels.


Image result for 1997 Icardi Barolo Parej


1997 Icardi Barolo Parej
Price: $106.00 Sale $93.28

Exceptional year.. A splendid fruity wine, harmonious  With vibrant perfumes and a rich flavour softened by a low acidity.

1998 Icardi Barolo Parej
Price: $98.75   Sale $86.90


Image result for 1997 Pertinace Barbaresco Castellizano


1997 Pertinace Barbaresco Castellizano
Price: $80.00   Sale $70.40

1998 Pertinace Barbaresco Castellizano
Price: $65.00   Sale $57.20

(91 Points) "Concentrated and dense is the 1998 Barbaresco Castellizzano. It boasts a deep plum/ruby color in addition to intense aromas consisting of cherry jam infused with smoky tobacco...Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Image result for 1997 Oddero Barolo Vigna Rionda

1997 Oddero Barolo Vigna Rionda
Price: $215.00 Sale $189.20

1998 Oddero Barolo Vigna Rionda
Price: $189.00 Sale $166.32

"...the historical importance of the Vigna Rionda cru. Literally meaning “round vineyard”,  Vigna Rionda is sited on a slope at elevations ranging from 820 to 1180 feet above sea level; the beneficial siting of this hill insures a great deal of sun throughout the day. The soils are a combination of marl, calcaire and a touch of sand; the vineyard is sheltered from excessive winds by the nearby Castelleto hill. In his beautifully detailed map of the vineyards and cellars of Serralunga, Alessandro Masnaghetti writes these words of acclaim for the quality of this vineyard"

"Among the most notable is the Oddero estate of Santa Maria (La Morra); Mariacristina Oddero notes that their family purchased one hectare in 1982. To be exact, they own parcels 335, 340, 338 and 337 of plot number 8 (the Rosso section is parcel 251P of plot number 8). The have been producing Vigna Rionda Barolo for many years and will continue to do so." - Tom Hyland learnitalianwines


Image result for 1997 Dante Rivetti Barbaresco Riserva


1997 Dante Rivetti Barbaresco Riserva
Price: $116.25 Sale $102.30

1998 Dante Rivetti Barbaresco Bricco
Price: $91.25   Sale $80.30

Ethereal and supple, this ’98 Barbaresco Riserva wafts with juicy red and black fruits, pressed violet petals, crushed river rocks, licorice, and touches of tarry earth; tertiary notes of truffles, warm saddle leather and black tea show the wine’s beautiful maturity. This wine unspools on the palate with a silky feel, but mineral-driven power and nice acidic energy keep it nimble into its lingering, delicious finish. Rivetti sources its best grapes from its southwest-facing, sandy and calcareous Neive vineyards to make this Barbaresco Riserva; grapes ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel for about ten days, and the wine ages for 24 months in a combination of Slavonian botti (80%) and barrique, followed by a year in botti and 18 months in bottle before release.


Image result for 1997 Pelissero Barbaresco Annata


1997 Pelissero Barbaresco Annata
Price: $135.00 Sale $118.80

1998 Pelissero Barbaresco Annata
Price: $98.00   Sale $86.24



Charcuterie , Fine Cheese, Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with Aged Balsamic Drizzle

Grilled San Daniele Prosciutto Wrapped Georgia Peaches with creamy Burrata & Fresh Basil

Deconstructed Barolo Braised Wild Boar Lasagna with Roasted Root Vegetable Ragout, Aged Parmesan & Pecorino

Blackberry Glazed Savory Red Wine Dark Chocolate Cake served with Candied Pistachios


The fee for this tasting is $125 + tax per person and is limited to 16 tasters.  For reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail andy@winewatch.com