Paul Etienne Saint Germain Champagne tasting with owner Jean Michel at WWWB

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 07:30 PM

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"Why do you take aspirin with champagne?"
Ivan in Author! Author! (1982)


I don’t mix anything with Champagne or any other of the world’s finest wines and Champagne is to me the greatest of all the wines on the planet earth.

This is a new champagne house that was brought to us by one of our good friends that visited the Champagne region and stumbled across this small producer.  He hit it off with the family and decided to represent the brand in the state of Florida.  This is a very competitive market and with so much of the business in this segment of the market going to the big brands it is refreshing to see another small artisan producers Champagne now available in South Florida.

All of these Champagnes are excellent in quality and the last few cuvees in this offering are Most Excellent and even better on the second day after opening.  This is something that most people never do with Champagne is let it open up.  Like any great wine Champagne also needs time to stretch its legs, we recommend trying a glass of this wonderful elixir on the first day then put the bottle up in the fridge to see how it tastes on the second day, you will need a Champagne stopper for this experiment as the bubbles will be gone if you do not put a cap on the bottle.

The Maison PAUL-ETIENNE SAINT-GERMAIN was created out of the love and passion Agnès and Jean-Michel Lagneau had for their native land of Epernay, their rich winegrowing culture and their attachment to family history.

As far back as they can remember, they have never left the authentic world they so love. After 20 years spent in the higher spheres of local economics (including LVMH), Jean-Michel fulfilled his dream and created, with his wife Agnès, his own make of champagne,

Paul-Etienne Saint-Germain, in a sublime tribute to his children, Pauline and Etienne.

Made from excellent varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Grands Crus, for a prestigious clientele, Relais & Châteaux, Leading Hotels of the World, in the most high-end national and international resorts, Paris, Deauville, Courchevel, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, New York, Miami… as well as for you, to be indulged in at your own table. Delicious assemblages for privileged moments.

We have the owner/winemaker from this tiny Champagne house here at Wine Watch on Friday, March 23rd here at the new Wine Watch Wine Bar.  Toni Lampasone will be making a special menu to accompany the tasting wines and this event is limited to 16 tasters.  The fee for this tasting is $125 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail

Paul Etienne Saint Germain Champagne Tasting at Wine Watch with Special Guest Winemaker/Owner Jean Michel
Friday, March 23rd
7:30 PM

NV Paul Etienne St. Germain Tradition Brut Champagne
Price: $49.75    Your Price: $43.78               Quantity in Stock: 26

GRAND CRU – BLANC DE BLANCS – 100% Chardonnay – Côte des Blancs ( Cramant, Avize )  BRUT – Sugar : 10,8 g/l – Harvest : 2008

This is done in a traditional way in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats where partial malolactic fermentation occurs. ( 29% reserve wines )  No animal proteins are used to clarify the wines and they are stabilised to prevent tartrate precipitation. 

The  wine is clear and brilliant with gold reflect.  Foam is delicate and persitante, forming a steady stream of fine bubbles.  The bouquet is rich of the white flowers.  The elegant nose reveals freshness and roundness of one spirit wine, a distinct immediate freshness of the greatest Chardonnays.  The palate is floral aromas of linden and hawthorn.  It’s perfect poise lends a lightweight sensation.

Paul Etienne Saint Germain Grand Cru Divine St Germain Brut Grand Cru Champagne NV
Price: $75.75       Your Price: $66.66            Quantity in Stock: 29


This wine is 60% Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims and 40% Chardonnay from the Cote des Blancs.  They use 10% reserve wines in the blend in this cuvee from the 2004 and 2005 vintages.  Rich toasty almonds and hazelnuts with candied orange peel and lemon zest to the nose wet stone like minerals, soda and flinty aromas.  Smooth and creamy with vanilla and that nutty toasty flinty aromas from the nose showing up on the finish, very long the tongue tingling with mineral and ginger spice. Finish 45+  Most Excellent

Paul Etienne Saint Germain Grand Cru Rose Champagne NV
Price: $53.00       Your Price: $46.64            Quantity in Stock: 5

A blend of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay from the Montagne de Reims.   Smoky yeasty notes to the red berry fruit, raspberry and strawberry, fruity but has nice minerality also.  Bright red berry fruit smooth creamy mouse with a tangy finish.  Finish 40+ Excellent

Paul Etienne Saint Germain Brut Exception Blanc De Noirs NV
Price: $90.00       Your Price: $79.20            Quantity in Stock: 4

Winery Notes:  100% Pinot Noir, pale Gold Color, with gold glimmering sparkles and a mousse forming a bubbling string.  The combination of fruity and honey aromas reveals a strong nose.  A very paradoxial mouth, which allies power and lightness.  A subtle mix of gingerbread and leather, a very long finish associating fruity and flowery aromas.  This exceptional Champagne will surprise you by its finesse, balance and strength.

Paul Etienne Saint Germain Charme Grand Cru Brut Champagne NV
Price: $55.25       Your Price: $48.62            Quantity in Stock: 4

A blend of 75% Pinot Noir Montagne de Reims and 25% Chardonnay Cote des Blancs.  Pear and quince like fruit almond, honey and white Acacia flower on the nose very rich with smoky brioche and citrus notes.  Full and round on the tongue with a creamy mouse, very rich and with a nice hand of dosage but has piercing acidity to balance it out.  Finish 40+  Excellent

2006 Paul Etienne St Germain Sublime Champagne Brut
Price: $137.00    Your Price: $120.56          Quantity in Stock: 1

Blending 50% Chardonnay (Cote des Blancs) and 50% Pinot Noir (Montagne de Reims)

This Prestige Vintage Cuvee is the flagship Champagne of PAUL-ETIENNE SAINT GERMAIN.  Blended in equal measure with Chardonnay from Avize and Pinot Noir from Verzenay, this wine expresses the terroir and noble character of Grand-Cru Champagne.  Pale gold in color with brilliant highlights, the wine exhibits a delicate mousse while forming a stream of fine bubbles.  The nose is both floral and fresh, revealing notes of pistachio and hazelnut.  The mouth reveals an elegant, fresh and complex wine that is signature Grand Cru.  Floral and spice aromas accompany a long finish.  For a moment of privilege, Sublime exemplifies the essence and passion of revered Champagnes.$EDP$

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The fee for this tasting is $125 + tax and is limited to 16 tasters for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail