Bouchard pere Et Fils Burgundy Tasting with winemaker Frederic Weber at WWWB

Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 07:30 PM

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"The First Duty of wine is to be Red...the second is to be a Burgundy"
 Harry Waugh


Ok- but we like the white wines of Burgundy also… and on Thursday April 26th we have our annual barrel tasting for one of our favorite producers of chardonnay and Pinot Noir on earth. 

Luc Bouchard has hosted several tastings throughout the years with us and so have other members of their staff and this year we will have the winemaker for this famous property Frederic Weber conducting the tasting this year.

Toni will be making a few traditional Burgundian dishes to accompany the wines.  This is a sit down pre-poured event and we only have room for 18 tasters.  The fee for this event is $125 + tax, for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail

2016 Vintage Burgundy tasting with Bouchard Pere et Fils Winemaker
Frederic Weber at Wine Watch
Thursday, April 26th, 2018
7:30 PM

2016 Vintage Reds
At Bouchard they taste the reds first before the whites and we will honor that tradition tonight.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Gevrey Chambertin
Price: $67.50       Sale $59.40         

Bright medium red. Expressive aromas of black cherry, licorice and wild herbs. A bit green owing to its stem component but pliant, juicy and rather ­ne-grained, enlivened by its herbal energy. Smooth tannins saturate the palate.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Chambolle Musigny
Price: $75.00       Sale $66.00

Belonging  to  the  Cistercian  abbey  of  Gilly  until  1500,  the  village  of  Chambolle gradually became independent and took on the name of Chambolle-Musigny in 1882. The  soil  and  sub-soils  are  of  ideal  composition  for  the  production  of  wines  with remarkable finesse and elegance and they were nicknamed the "Volnay of the Côte de Nuits". The soil is generally quite shallow often just covering the rock. The vine reaches as far as 10 metres down through faults in the rock, notably in Musigny.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Savigny les Beaune
Price: $42.00       Sale $36.96

Situated  5  km  north  of  Beaune,  this  village  was  mentioned  in  936  for  the  first  time but  only  took  on  its  present  name  of  Savigny-lès-Beaune  in  1863.  Vineyards  have been planted here for a long time. They belonged to the Dukes of Burgundy then to the  Cistercian  monks.  The  vines  are  planted  at  an  altitude  of  220  to  360  metres  on particularly  chalky  ground  which  is  what  gives  the  wines  of  Savigny  such  great refinement.  In  view  of  their  finesse  and  lightness  they  are  often  qualified  as "feminine wines"

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Pommard
Price: $68.25       Sale $60.06

In  the  13th  century,  Pommard  belonged  to  Alix  de  Vergy,  wife  of  the  Duke  of Burgundy,  Eudes  II.  In  1224  and  1240,  she  donated  it  to  the  archbishops  of  Lyon. Pommard then became the property of the Ducal estate, landed gentry and religious orders. During the Revolution, the property was split up as was the case for the rest
of  the  vineyards  on  the  Côte-d'Or.  The  soil  and  sub-soil  give  Pommard  its exemplary  colour,  solidity  and  fine  aromas.  As  Victor  Hugo  wrote,  the  wines  of Pommard have "gust, inspiration and occasionally genius

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Santenay
Price: $35.75       Sale $31.46

"In  Santenay,  the  Côte-d'Or  dies  a  fine  death"  is  the  Burgundian  saying.  The  last appellation  on  the  Côte  de  Beaune  does  indeed  stand  out.  However,  before becoming famous for its wines, the village of Santenay was well known for its water which had healing properties, and the village was called Santenay-les-Bains.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Vosne Romanee
Price: $80.25       Sale $70.62

Bright medium red. Tight, subtly aromatic scents of black cherry, licorice, violet and minerals. Juicy, spicy and ­ne-grained, with its dark fruit and dark chocolate ‑avors showing a smooth texture and noteworthy precision. A more delicate style than the Chambolle-Musigny, this village wine ­nishes with dusty tannins and very good cut and length.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Nuits St. George
Price: $69.50       Sale $61.16

Capital of the Côte de Nuits, this village is the home to the Hospices de Nuits that organizes an important auction of its production every year, as do the Hospices de Beaune. The main street in Nuits-Saint-Georges is named after Fagon, the doctor who  treated  Louis  XIV  and  prescribed  the  town's  wine  for  him.  This  is  the  most
southernly appellation of the Côte de Nuits producing wines rich in tannin which gives them strength, depth and a high potential for laying down, from five to fifteen years

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Beaune Clos de la Mousse Premier Cru
Price: $65.75       Sale $57.86

A monopole of Bouchard Père & Fils since 1872, Clos de la Mousse reveals its charms with fruit aromas combined with light toasty notes.  Vineyard holding: 3.36 ha

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Savigny les Beaune les Lavieres D Premier Cru
Price: $58.50       Sale $51.48

The  name  of  this  "Climat"  with  rocky  sub-soil  comes  from  the  great  number  of  big flat  stones  called  "laves"  in  the  area.  These  natural  stone  slabs  were  used  by  the Merovingians  for  their  tombs.  One  of  these  can  be  seen  in  the  Louis  XI  room  in  the Château  de  Beaune.  Bouchard  Père  &  Fils  owns  3.94  hectares  of  Savigny  Premier Cru acquired at the beginning of the 20th century.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Pommard 1er Cru Premier Cru
Price: $90.00       Sale $79.20

The  chalky  and  clayey  soil  coloured  in  red  by  ferrous  oxide  gives  Pommard  its colour, solidity and fine aromas. As Victor Hugo wrote, the wines of Pommard have "gust, inspiration and occasionally genius".

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Volnay Caillerets D Premier Cru
Price: $100.25    Sale $88.22

According to tradition, "who has no vines in Caillerets, does not know what Volnay is  worth".  Qualified  as  "Tête  de  cuvée"  in  the  1855  rating  by  Dr.  Lavalle,  this appellation  is  the  very  example  of  finesse,  elegance  and  gracefulness.  The  3.76 hectares  of  this  exceptional  Premier  Cru  have  a  particular  meaning  for  Bouchard
Père & Fils, since it was the first vineyard bought by the House in 1775. The Carnot family  who  owned  the  land  is  still  mentioned  on  the  bottles  "Ancienne  Cuvée Carnot".

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Nuits St. George Les Cailles Premier Cru
Price: $136.25    Sale $119.90

Situated  in  the  south  of  the  village  of  Nuits-Saint-Georges,  the  "Climat"  of  Les Cailles  is  different  from  its  neighbours,  producing  an  elegant,  feminine  wine.  As early  as  1892,  Danguy  and  Aubertin  classified  it  as  a  "tête  de  cuvée"  in  their  book "Les  Grands  Vins  de  Bourgogne".  Bouchard  Père  &  Fils  owns  1.08  hectares  of  this exceptional "terroir" where the ground is oolithic chalk (chalk composed of ooliths i.e.  little  balls  of  the  size  of  fish  eggs  formed  by  the  concretion  of  chalk  on  hard stones)

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Beaune Grèves Vigne de l’Enfant Jesus Premier Cru 1er Cru
Price: $136.25    Sale $119.90

A signature Bouchard wine purchased after the French revolution in 1791, this gem comes from a monopole vineyard of the house. Intense, full and yet delicate on the palate.  Vineyard holding: 3.92 ha

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Le Corton Grand Cru
Price: $140.75    Sale $123.86

The  first  traces  of  vineyards  at  Aloxe-Corton  date  back  to  the  2nd.  Century  B.C.. Later,  Le  Corton  was  to  be  the  favorite  wine  of  Charlemagne.  In  the  19th  century, the writer, Guy de Maupassant contributed to its reputation by calling it the "roi des bons vivants" in his famous novel "Bel ami". Corton is the only red Grand Cru on the Côte de Beaune and the only Grand Cru on the Côte d'Or to be divided into "sous-climats".  "Le  Corton"  is  the  historic  vineyard  which  gave  the  name  to  the  Corton appellation.

2016 Whites
The white wines refresh the palate and it is not uncommon in Burgundy to taste the whites after the reds.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Meursault les Clous
Price: $65.00       Sale $57.20

On the "terroir" of Meursault, some of the vineyards classified as village appellation are  situated  on  a  marly  ground,  identical  to  the  Corton-Charlemagne  Grand  Cru (only the topography and altitude are different). These vineyards of a great quality deserve to be vinified separately. This is the case for the terroir of Les Clous whose name apparently comes from a deformation of the word "Clos". The Bouchard Père et Fils estate owns 8.64 hectares here, i.e. almost half of the total area.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Beaune Clos St Landry Premier Cru
Price: $66.75       Sale $58.74

It  is  on  the  site  of  this  remarkable  vineyard  that  we  find  the  oldest  traces  of  the Chardonnay  variety  in  Beaune.  Quite  a  rarity  in  this  Pinot  Noir  territory.  Before  it was  given  the  appellation  of  Clos  Saint-Landry,  this  vineyard  appeared  under  the name  of  Tiélandry,  meaning  the  estate  of  a  certain  Landry.  It  then  became  the property of the abbey of Maizières before the purchase by Antoine Philibert Joseph Bouchard  in  1791.  Since  then,  Bouchard  Père  &  Fils  has  preciously  kept  the monopoly of this white Premier Cru of 1.98 hectares.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Puligny Montrachet
Price: $84.50       Sale $74.36

Situated between its two neighbours, Meursault and Chassagne, the small village of Puligny-Montrachet with a sub-soil ideally suited to Chardonnay, is the true centre of  gravity  of  the  white  wines  of  the  Côte-d'Or.  This  village,  where  the  most illustrious  wines  such  as  Montrachet  or  Chevalier-Montrachet  are  produced  has given  its  name  to  a  magnificent  white  wine,  famed  for  its  distinction,  intense mellowness and great aromatic persistence.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Chassagne Montrachet
Price: $78.00       Sale $68.64
I n   t h e   s o u t h   o f   t h e   C ô t e   d e   B e a u n e ,  b e t w e e n   P u l i g n y - Mo n t r a c h e t   a n d   S a n t e n a y ,  t h e v i n e y a r d s     o f     C h a s s a g n e - Mo n t r a c h e t     a r e     p l a n t e d     w i t h     b o t h     P i n o t     N o i r     a n d C h a r d o n n a y .  S h a d o w e d   a   l i t t l e   b y   t h e   f a m e   o f   t h e   w h i t e   w i n e s ,  t h e   r e d   C h a s s a g n e -Mo n t r a c h e t   w i n e s   a r e   a p p r e c i a t e d   b y   c o n n o i s s e u r s   i n   t h e   w a y   t h e y   r e v e a l   t h e i r " t e r r o i r " .  F l e s h y   a n d   p o w e r f u l ,  t h e y   a r e   r e m i n i s c e n t   o f   t h e   w i n e s   f r o m   t h e   C ô t e   d e N u i t s .

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Meursault Genevrières Premier Cru
Price: $126.00    Sale $110.88

In  olden  days,  the  vineyards  of  this  great  Meursault  must  have  been  surrounded  by junipers  whose  name  has  lived  on.  This  prestigious  appellation  was  classified  as  a "Tête  de  cuvée"  as  early  as  1855  by  Dr  Lavalle  in  his  renowned  book  "Histoire  et Statistiques de la Vigne et des Grands Vins de la Côte-d'Or". At that time, the terms Premiers  Crus  and  Grands  Crus  were  not  in  use.  Bouchard  Père  &  Fils  owns  2.65 hectares  of  Meursault  Genevrières,  often  the  first  Chardonnays  to  be  harvested  on the estate.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Meursault Perrieres Premier Cru
Price: $135.00    Sale $118.80

It is the stony ground to which the vine clings that has given rise to the name of this exceptional  "Climat":  "Perrières".  This  Premier  Cru  has  been  renowned  for  its finesse and pureness for many years: in the mid 19th century, the wine maker, M. de Vergnette  stated  in  one  of  his  works  that  "Apart  from  the  true  Montrachets,  I  know of  no  other  white  wine  so  exquisite".  Later,  Dr.  Lavalle  mentioned  it  as  "Tête  de cuvée" in his 1855 rating.

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru
Price: $208.25    Sale $183.26

An  attractive  story  is  told  about  this  appellation:  Charlemagne  was  very  fond  of  the wine from Le Corton which, at the time, was red. Towards the end of the Emperor's life,  the  vineyards  facing  south  were  planted  with  chardonnay,  to  produce  a  white wine  to  avoid  staining  his  white  beard.  In  1909,  Bouchard  Père  &  Fils  acquired  60% of  the  prestigious  vineyard  at  Le  Corton  (i.e.  6.93  hectares)  which,  has  the  rare particularity   of   being   planted   with   either   pinot   noir   or   chardonnay.   Today, Bouchard  Père  &  Fils  is  the  third  most  important  owner  in  Corton-Charlemagne, with 3.65 hectares


Bouchard Pere ET Fils Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru
Price: $862.50    Sale $759.00

The most prestigious parcel in Chevalier-Montrachet. It is complex and rich, without the least heaviness.  This wine is a model of elegance and refinement.  Vineyard holding: 2.33 ha

Charcuterie Selection
Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese Salad with Chablis Vinaigrette, Green apples and pear
Beef Bourguignon in a puff pastry Bowl

Yes – that is 21 wines!  The fee for this tasting is $125 + Tax for reservations call 954-523-9463 or e-mail


A Brief History of Bouchard Pere Et Fils

Founded in 1731, Bouchard Père & Fils now owns the most fabulous collection of famous vineyards, situated in the heart of the Côte d’Or, where the great wines of Burgundy are born.  Bouchard Pere et Fils owns 130 hectares in cotes d'or making them the largest landowner of classified vineyards with 12 different Grand Cru and 74 different Premier Cru vines with legendary names : Corton-Charlemagne, Clos Vougeot, Montrachet, Beaune Grèves Vigne de l’Enfant Jésus, Volnay Caillerets, Meursault Perrières, Nuits-Saint-Georges les Cailles, to name only a few.  The company trades from the old Château de Beaune, a fortress built in the 15th Century whose bastions with walls as thick as seven meters shield, in the best possible atmosphere, an unequalled collection of exceptional bottles.  Many of these are over a hundred years old and originated before phylloxera invaded the French vineyards. 
The cellars here were built under the reign of Louis the 11th during the 14th and 15th century.  They were built by one of the dukes of burgundy to store arms so they are unique as this was not intended to house wine bottles.  Louis the 16th gave this fortress to the town of Beaune and they were bought by the Bouchard Pere et Fils firm in 1820.  After the French revolution all property of the church was confiscated and sold at auction and it was at this time that Bouchard bought up a lot of vineyards for a very reasonable price.  Today if you were to put a price tag on the vineyards owned here it would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  The have the largest cellar in burgundy with 50,000 bottles of old vintages going back to 1846 Meursault Charmes.  They recork the bottles every 20-40 year, they are sleeping under 10 meters of earth and some of the walls of the cellar are 5-7 meters thick so the conditions are completely perfect and natural.  They are consistently 13-15 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 80-90 percent. 
You can see the old arms bins that now hold wine bottles here in the first picture.  The second picture shows where the three fake walls were placed during the German occupation of this region during WW2.  They have four fake walls constructed to conceal some of the oldest bottles from the Germans.  The third shot is a wall demonstrating just how thick the construction is.

In 1995, the Bouchard family passed the torch on to a very old Champagne family, the Henriots, who have carried on the strategy established by the Bouchards over nine generations. The Domaine expanded in the Côte de Nuits by acquiring parcels in two Grands Crus: "Bonnes Mares" and "Clos Vougeot". Then in 1996 they acquired further vineyards in Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru "Les Cazetiers".

Finally, in 2005, the Maison inaugurated its new "Saint-Vincent" winery and barrel cellar. The technical team took advantage of 275 years of savoir faire and several years of observation world-wide to carry out this work, so as to maximize the quality of its wines.  With this new winemaking facility, Bouchard Père & Fils is equipped to meet the challenge of the quest for excellence, without concession, in the production of the Grands Vins de Bourgogne.
Luc Bouchard hosted our group for the tasting at the winery and suggested a local restaurant, La Table de Guigone.  This place was very unassuming from the street but the food was divine like the combination of Foie Gras and Sweet breads in a salad format which was spectacular.  The leg of lamb was one of the best that I have ever had and the Beaune du Chateau wines that went with our meal were also incredible as this is one of the best value areas in Burgundy for both red and white. 
If you want to go there while in Burgundy we recommend making reservations as many restaurants in Burgundy are only open 4-5 nights a week- Bouchard Pere et Fils however is one of the easiest wineries to visit as they are open to the public nearly every day of the week and have cellar tours everyday as well in addition to over a dozen wines available for tasting at no charge!! I may have let the cat out of the bag, if you are in Beaune there is no excuse for not stopping by this famous producer and taste through their wines, they are one of the easiest places to tour and see in Burgundy and the wines are excellent.

Everything we have in the store from Bouchard Pere et Fils


Bouchard Pere ET Fils Montrachet Grand Cru 2016
Price: $1012.50  Sale $891.00

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Beaune clos St laundry 1er Cru 2016
Price: $66.75       Sale $58.75

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Echezeaux Grand Cru 2016
Price: $262.50    Sale $231.00

Bouchard Pere ET Fils Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 2016
Price: $262.50    Sale $231.00

2013 Bouchard Pere et Fils Beaune Greves Vigne de L'Enfant Jesus 1er Cru
Price: $132.00    Your Price: $116.16          Quantity in Stock: 10

Wild strawberry and raspberry coulis like fruit with an array of exotic spices, gravelly earthy notes with lots of nuance here on the nose. A good amount of exotic spices and floral notes through the finsih, with silky velvety smooth tannins and a long layered finish very complex, this wine needs some time, lots of acidity, fruit and some tannins on the finish. Finish 50+ Most Excellent

2013 Bouchard Pere et Fils Le Corton Grand Cru
Price: $136.00    Your Price: $119.68          Quantity in Stock: 10

This wine is a bit more reserved, with a good bit of gravelly mineral like notes exotic spices and cranberry like fruit. Zesty red berry fruit with a nice hand of acidity, a bit reserved wtill tightly wound with a long finish, needs time openeing up nicely on the second day this wine needs time but has everything in proportion. Finish 50+ Most Excellent

2002 Bouchard Père et Fils Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru
Price: $239.00    Your Price: $210.32          Quantity in Stock: 2

1999 Domaine Bouchard Pere Fils Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru
Price: $195.00    Your Price: $171.60          Quantity in Stock: 6

1976 Bouchard Pere & Fils Greves Vignes de L'Enfant Jesus Beaune Premier Cru
Price: $350.00    Sale Price: $295.00           Quantity in Stock: 3


Domaine William Fevre 2016’s
oming from a family that has been in the Chablis region for more than 250 years, William Fèvre’s father was already a great wine-maker after World War II. His son William founded the Domaine de la Maladière and announced his first harvest in 1959.
For many years, William Fèvre (who to this day enjoys a very good reputation as a defender of historically renowned terroirs), has worked each plot keenly and skillfully so as to make wine whose personality reflects the authenticity of the soils from which they spring.

In 1998, the venerable Henriot family from Champagne succeeded him. To continue these focused efforts, the Domaine was taken up with the constant desire to make indisputably genuine and fine wines, and above all with bringing along a very personal expertise in Chardonnay. All the efforts have but one goal – to finely express the most subtle variations in the greatest Chablis crus.

This attachment to the value of the terroir has also allowed the William Fèvre Domaine to establish an exceptional estate by acquiring some of the best Chablis vineyards.

With its 47 hectares Domaine, of which more than half are in Chablis Premier Cru (12 hectares) and Grand Cru (15.2 hectares), William Fèvre owns the widest array of Grands Crus and benefits from ideal conditions to produce excellent Chablis.

Located on “historical” terroirs, dating from before the extension of the vineyard areas that occurred in the 1970’s, the William Fèvre Domaine is at the very heart of the vineyards, on soil that mixes marl and clay-rich lime, as well as a Kimmeridgian subsoil rich in minerals and oyster fossils that give Chablis its unique mineral character.

The Chablis terroirs constitute an ideal environment for the cultivation of Chardonnay but this special soil is not enough to elaborate exceptional wines. One needs all the know-how and experience that comes from men to help a terroir live up to its full potential, and to produce grapes and wines worthy of their appellations and faithful to their origins.

At William Fèvre, everything is done, to reach this goal. Grapes are hand-picked and put in small crates, the bunches are rigorously sorted out, pressings are short, the must carefully settled, and a fine balance is established, according to the vintage, for the vinification between vat and cask. Since the 1998 vintage, the proportion of new casks was reduced so as to not dampen the subtle variations of Chablis terroir. These methods and precautions allow us to obtain rich wines of a very high aromatic purity that hold on their typicity, whose principle characteristics are minerality and freshness.

2016 Domaine William Fevre

Chablis Montee de Tonnerre 1er Cru
Price: $70.50       Sale $62.04

William Fevre Chablis Vaillons 1er Cru
Price: $60.00       Sale $52.80

William Fevre Chablis Montmains 1er Cru
Price: $56.25       Sale $49.50

William Fevre Chablis Fourchaume 1er Cru
Price: $61.50       Sale $54.12

William Fevre Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru
Price: $141.00    Sale $124.08

William Fevre Chablis Les Preuses Grand Cru
Price: $141.00    Sale $124.08

William Fevre Chablis Bougros Côte Bouguerots Grand Cru
Price: $120.00    Sale $105.60

William Fevre Chablis Bougros  Grand Cru
Price: $112.50    Sale $99.00

Image result for William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux 2015 Magnum

William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux 2015 Magnum
Price: $45.00       Sale $39.60

William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux 2016
Price: $24.00       Sale $21.12

Combining lovely fruitiness with an attractive freshness and characteristic minerality, Chablis is a wine region with global renown. Domaine William Fèvre’s vineyards sit on Kimmeridgian subsoil and enjoy ideal exposures for the production of a very fine wine.

William Fevre Chablis Domaine 2016
Price: $30             Sale $26.40

Domaine William Fèvre’s vineyards sit on Kimmeridgian subsoil and enjoy ideal exposures for the production of a very fine wine. Very fresh bouquet with notes of citrus & white fruit. Marked by very pronounced mineral notes.
William Fèvre’s parcel: 115.65 acres

William Fevre Chablis Fourchaume 1er Cru 2014
Price: $57.75       Sale $50.82

(93 Points)  This white reveals richness and breadth, with a hint of spice framing the apple, melon, yellow plum and mineral flavors. The terrific finish keeps pumping out the fruit and stone notes. Drink now through 2020. Wine Spectator

William Fevre Chablis Fourchaume 1er Cru 2015
Price: $60.00       Sale $52.80

(90-92 points) The 2015 Chablis 1Er Cru Fourchaume comes from eight parcels on marn soils within the lieu-dit of Vaulorent. It has a delightful bouquet with scents of fresh pear, a hint of marzipan; it is sweet and charming while retaining Chablis-like austerity and poise. The palate is well balanced with crisp acidity, well poised with a touch of salinity developing towards the harmonious finish. This is another excellent wine from William Fevre. (NM) (8/2016) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

William Fevre Chablis Montmains 1er Cru 2015
Price: $54.00       Sale $47.52

Montmains’ unique terroir of stony terrain produces a wine with pronounced mineral aromas, extraordinary power and excellent aging potential.
William Fèvre’s parcel: 9.12 acres

William Fevre Chablis Vaillons 1er Cru 2015
Price: $60.00       Sale $52.80

Pronounced nose of fruit and flowers, with lovely freshness and a few mineral touches. Generous palate, with lovely roundness.

William Fevre Chablis Vaulorent 1er Cru 2014
Price: $93.75       Sale $82.50

(92-94 points) The 2014 Chablis 1er Cru Vaulorent, which head winemaker Didier Séguier described as "a baby grand cru," was a little cloudier than the Fourchaume in the glass. It has a complex nose with a touch of grilled almond and dried apricot, well defined but just a little sultry at the moment. The palate is relatively rich on the entry compared to the other Premier Crus and this lends roundness and suppleness in the mouth. It gently builds with great precision, hints of lime and apricot flourishing on the peacock's tail of a finish. This is one of William Fevre's best wines this year. (NM) (8/2015) Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

William Fevre Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru 2015
Price: $138.75    Sale $122.10

This is the largest and most famous Grand Cru; one of Chablis’ first vineyards. The appellation enjoys a southerly aspect with very white, dense and deep clay soil resting on a limestone bed 31.5 inches below the ground, bringing the wine spicy notes so typical of this terroir.  William Fèvre’s parcel: 10.15 acres


A bit about the 2016 vintage in Burgundy

2016 was one of the 3 less productive vintages from the last 30 years with 2003 and 1991.
The President of BIVB estimated the 2016 vintage harvest at 1.150 million hectoliters vs a decade average of  1.5 million hectoliters.  
Bouchard Père & Fils
“In terms of quality, we are pretty confident: the reds show a great definition of red fruits, they are expressive on the nose, and on the palate they are round and elegant. The whites are promising with great freshness, citrus flavors, they are generous on the palate due to the maturity but with chiseled finish.”
image035_0139.jpg– Frederic Weber

Vintage Notes:

  • Loss of 45% on Bouchard Estate due to the frost on April 26th and 27th
  • One of the smallest harvest since 2003 
  • The harvest vary considerably from one plot to another.  In Meursault there were plots at 3Hl/Ha and some others at 48 Hl/Ha.
  • The most damaged appellations for Bouchard are:
    • Puligny
    • Meursault
    • Beaune
    • Aloxe-Corton
    • Savigny-lès-Beaune
    • Some Grands Crus of the Côte de Nuits like Échezeaux

 William Fèvre
image037_0106.jpg“2016 has been a very difficult vintage for the Chablis vineyard but with very healthy grapes.  The wines are showing citrus notes and beautiful minerality (oyster shells) typical from Chablis.”
- Didier Seguier

Vintage Notes:

  • Chablis vineyards were hit by frost 3 times (on April 19th, 25th and 27th)
  • The frost damaged 50 hectares of Fèvre’s Estate:
    • 30 hectares of Chablis village were 100% devasted by frost
    • 50% of the Premiers Crus of Montmains, Montée de Tonnerre, Mont de Milieu and Vaulorent were damaged by frost
  • Very low yields:
    • 18hl/ha on Chablis village
    • 15 to 25hl/ha on the frosted Premiers & Grands Crus
    • 35 to 40hl/ha on the best plots.



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