Metrokane Vacuum Decanter

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Wine need never be wasted. A lovely decanter in lead free crystal, the Vacuum Wine Decanter is a modern marvel of style and convenience. The world's first decanter with preservation technology, it's a wonderfully convenient piece of glassware. Inspired by the Apollo Spaceship, Ed Kilduff of Pollen Design has brought us a true must have item. Gone are the days of precarious funneling back in to the bottle before preserving. When you are ready to preserve wine left in the decanter: (1) insert the Vacuum Stopper Assembly into the decanter (2) Attach vacuum pump to the Stopper Assembly (3)Remove air with the manual vacuum pump until you reach the âred zoneâ on the Vacuum Gauge. The Vacuum Stopper will hold the seal for days, perfectly preserving your wine for the next serving. (4)To release vacuum and stopper from the decanter, gently pull button from the vacuum vent. Important: Stopper Assembly is designed for use ONLY with crystal decanter provided. Other decanters are not designed for vacuum pressure. Size: 10-½"H, 11 3/4" w/ stopper, 6 3/4" at widest point, 52 oz. For decanting a standard wine bottle
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