Domaine des Valanges Super Macon Offering and we have added these wines to our Beaujolais tasting Friday night

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Jack: Man! That's tasty!

Miles Raymond: That's 100% pinot noir. Single vineyard. They don't even make it any more.

Jack: Pinot noir?

Miles Raymond: Mmm-hmm.

Jack: Then how come it's white?

Miles Raymond: [laughs] Oh, Jesus. Don't ask questions like that up in wine country. They'll think you're some kind of dumbshit, OK?


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We have our first theme tasting with the wines of the 1970’s tomorrow night paired to disco music from that era and if you still have your bell bottoms and Austin Powers outfit we still have a few seats for the tasting.  Check out the line-up at under the calendar of events.  I have added the menu for each evening in case you want to stop by the Winewatch and just hang out, have a glass of wine, get Randy and participate in the “Thursday Night Fever” dance off at the end of the night. 

1970s disco party.jpg

Our Calendar of events will now also include the menu on each night the Wine Bar is open as some of our “Wine Drinking People” are confused about the nights where we have events and if the Wine Bar is open to the public on those evenings.  Now it will be listed on the calendar of events as “Wine Bar is open for Regular Service” and the menu and Wine By the Glass will be on this event page.

I thought that we needed a little white Burgundy from the Macon to add to our Beaujolais tasting on Friday night so we will be showing all the Domaine Des Valanges wines on this offering to the tasting!  We like to exceed your expectations so we like to add more wine to the tasting whenever possible and these are some of the best values we have in the store in the Chardonnay section.

These whites from the Macon region of Burgundy like the reds from Beaujolais are some of the best values from this region.  The Domaine Valanges Saint Veran Hors Classe just scored 93 points in the recent issue of the Wine Advocate so there may be some extra excitement about this wine from people that have never tried it but The Wine Advocate rated the 2014 vintage (92 Points) and even this Domaine’s least expensive offering (which is sold out till the fall) the Macon Prisse has scored as high and is around $15 per bottle!!

As good as the Macon Gets:  Domaine Valanges Hors Class Saint Veran
Domaine Des Valanges Hors Classe 2015.jpg

2015 Domaine Des Valanges Hors Classe Saint Veran
Price: $30.50    Your Price: $26.84              Quantity in Stock: 126 (and that’s all till the 2016 vintage!)

This cuvee is made from the oldest vineyards planted in 1944. There is another level of richness with this wine a very concentrated bouquet of aromas. a good amount of fresh tree fruit here with hints of oyster shell, oak spice, vanilla, lemon citrus, a lovely creamy texture on the tongue with a long layered finish. White Burgundy at its finest in the Macon and one of the best wines for the money from Burgundy every year!  Most Excellent

(93 Points) The 2015 Saint-Véran En Crèches Hors Classe, which comes from vines planted back in 1944 in Les Crèches and Les Terres Noires, has another impressive bouquet that is intense, rich but not overpowering, with scents of apple blossom, granite and oyster shells that exude outstanding delineation. The palate is very complex with light honeyed notes, very spicy for a Saint-Véran with veins of ginger and lemongrass. It fans out wonderfully toward the finish while retaining brilliant delineation and focus. This is nothing short of a brilliant Saint-Véran and it comes highly recommended.  The Wine Advocate, Issue Date 31st Aug 2017

2014 Domaine des Valanges Hors Classe Saint Veran MAGNUM

Price: $65.00    Your Price: $57.20               Quantity in Stock: 28

(92+ Points) "Healthy pale color. Deep but reticent aromas of fresh apricot, gunflint and minerals. Fat, full and broad but leavened by strong stony minerality; at once powerful and sharply delineated. Very dry and classic, with a brisk lemony character carrying the firm, vibrant finish. Decant this before pulling the cork or lay it down for four or five years."–Jul-16

A bit more about Domaine Des Valange and some pictures from our visit to the vineyards.


The commune of Davayé is located in the southern part of Burgundy, in the heart of the Mâcon wine country near Cluny and west of Mâcon.  This small winegrowing village is nestled at the foot of the Roche de Solutré and the Roche de Vergisson.

The beautiful view of steep slopes from Les Valanges is like a picture post card of the Mâcon region.
Valanges Tasting with Boys.jpg

Domaine Valanges was created in 1980.  At the time, all the vineyards were in the commune of Davayé, and totalled 2.5 hectares.  For the last 30+ years they have worked tirelessly to expand the estate.  In addition to this they have also built a new facility where the wine is made, stored, and prepared for shipment, which also houses a barrel cellar.

Little by little, they acquired several plots with just the right terroir, and the vineyards now cover 11 hectares in Davayé, of which 8 are entitled to the Saint Véran appellation.

The family has always been passionately attached to this land, faithful to the terroir, and committed to making unique wines from the limestone soil.  Their 11 hectares of vines are located halfway up the slope in climats, or vineyard sites, that are among the best in the Mâcon region.

Sun exposure is south by south-east and the soil in all instances clay-limestone (mostly limestone).  Most of the vines grow at an altitude of 200-300 metres.  This terroir is wonderful for Chardonnay, producing very expressive, mineral, floral wines with a great deal of fruit.  Domaine des Valanges has always tended my vines in a spirit of respect for the environment, and in view of making fine wine.

The focus here is on traditional methods that reflect the terroir in order to produce wines of character.  Furthermore, they feel it is important to let the vines find a natural equilibrium within their ecosystem. Therefore they intervene as little as possible in both viticulture and winemaking to retain each cuvée’s personality, as well as vintage character.

They decided to introduce supervised pest control based on observation, reflection, respect for the terroir and environmental protection.  They also do their utmost to obtain the best from each vine, also thinking about keeping the soil healthy and alive by ploughing and adding organic fertilizer only as necessary.

The quintessence of Chardonnay, the Domaine Valanges wines reflect differences in soil, sun exposure, microclimate, etc. in the various vineyard plots from which they are produced.  It is still fun for Mathieu and Camille Paquet, the sons of Michel Paquetto to study the unique personality of each plot and each terroir. After spending many years acquiring an intimate knowledge of the domaine, blending wines with different characteristics, and experimenting with several winemaking methods, they have learned a fundamental lesson: there is no such thing as luck when it comes to making great wine, or a successful blend. Straightforward, well-focused, mineral, and expressive wines can only result from a harmonious marriage between wine from different plots.

The rest of the line-up that we will be showing on Friday night at the Macon/Beaujolais tasting at the Wine Watch:


2015 Domaine des Valanges Pouilly-Fuisse
Price: $32.75    Your Price: $28.82              Quantity in Stock: 14

2014 Domaine des Valanges Pouilly-Fuisse MAGNUM
Price: $67.50    Your Price: $59.40              Quantity in Stock: 10

This is the top village in the Macon but there are a lot of wines with the Pouilly Fuisse moniker that don't live up to their reputation.  This wine has that textbook brioche like quality to the rich ripe tree fruits, lemon and apple with a long mineral laced finish that leaves the tongue, smooth creamy texture with a long finish. 
Image result for 2014 Domaine Des Valanges Saint Veran MAGNUM

2014 Domaine Des Valanges Saint Veran MAGNUM

Price: $46.50    Your Price: $40.92               Quantity in Stock: 26

2015 Domaine Des Valanges Saint Veran

Price: $20.25    Your Price: $17.82               Quantity in Stock: 3
2016 Domaine Des Valanges Saint Veran

Price: $20.75    Your Price: $18.26               Quantity in Stock: 12

Saint-Véran is located in southern Burgundy, in the subregion of the Maconnais. The area borders the more famous appellation of Pouilly-Fuissé,though both enjoy similar chalk and clay soils. The grape here is Chardonnay.  This wine is refined and elegant with bright clean green apple and citrus aromas and flavours.

Image result for 2014 Domaine Des Valanges Saint Veran MAGNUM

2014 Domaine des Valanges Saint Veran Les Cras MAGNUM

Price: $57.00    Your Price: $50.16               Quantity in Stock: 25

2016 Domaine des Valanges Saint Veran Les Cras

Price: $24.75    Your Price: $21.78               Quantity in Stock: 12

This cuvée is a blend of wine made from thirty years old vines on various slopes in the commune of Davaye in the following climats (vineyards sites): Les Valanges, Les Carettes, Les Terres-Noires and Les Creches. The Vineyards plots face south by south-east and north-east. The terroir is clay limestone with a high percentage of fairly lean limestone soil. The vines grow on the middle of the Solutre and Vergisson Slopes.


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